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Naverán Brut Vintage Rosat

A rosé cava made with Pinot Noir
75 cl.
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Alcohol 12.00%
Production area Catalonia
Type of sparkling wine D.O. Cava
Winery Naverán
Contains sulphites
Varieties 100% Pinot Noir
Service 7.0
Volume 75 cl.
Style Naverán Brut Vintage Rosat
Short ageing
Long ageing
Aperitif, Charcuterie, Sushi

About Naverán Brut Vintage Rosat

Naverán Brut Vintage Rosat is a pink cava developed by Caves Naverán, a winery that follows organic farming and does not use pesticides or herbicides, only organic fertilizers.

The winery is located on the grounds of Can Parellada (Torrelavit), in the centre of Alt Penedès. The climate in this area is Mediterranean characterized by mild winters with average recorded temperature of 6-8 ° C with hot summers averaging 23-24 ° C. Naverán Brut Vintage Rosat is a varietal vintage of the Pinot Noir variety, coming from 100 hectares of vineyards planted on gentle slopes. After harvesting, the grapes are pressed gently. The fermentation is carried out in stainless steel at a controlled low temperature. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle after stabilisation and filtering, it remains there for two years.


Naverán Brut Vintage Rosat 2020 is a sparkling rosé, exhibiting an exceptionally pale hue. The bouquet is delightful, with a dominance of red fruit aromatics. On the palate, it is exquisitely light and flavorful. The finish is prolonged and satisfying. Its bubbles are refined and sophisticated, seamlessly integrated.

2019 Naverán Brut Vintage Rosat 2019 is a sparkling wine bursting with fruity essences, redolent of red berries mingled with hints of citrus, underpinned by a subtle woody backdrop. On the palate, it is light-bodied, enticingly sweet, and eminently quaffable. This cava offers a delightful journey with balanced acidity and a prolonged, sophisticated finish.

The palate is light, enjoyable and creamy. There is a long and elegant aftertaste.

A pale rose colour.

The nose is very pleasant. There are aromas of red fruit and wood. 

2012 Delicate, with seamlessly integrated effervescence, pleasant and enduring on the palate.

An exceptionally pale shade of pink.

Highly delightful, with primary aromas of red berries.

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