Ginraw Gastronomic Gin

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Ginraw Gastronomic Gin 70cl

Gin (70 cl.).
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Get € 0.86 added to your Decántalo Balance when you buy this product
Alcohol: 42.30%
Distillery: Gin Raw
Ginraw Gastronomic Gin
Gin (70 cl.).
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Ginraw is a gin from Barcelona produced by the Ginraw distillery. This gin was created due to the fact that many believed there was no gin in town that could match the haute cuisine in Barcelona. There are four main people who are responsible for the creation of this gin, a talented group of experts who combined their knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to producing a superior gin: Xano Saguer, a chef and owner of the first dessert online restaurant in the world; Sergi Figueres, a sommelier, who was named Spain’s best sommelier in 2012; Javier Caballero, a mixologist, founder and director of the prestigious Liquid experience; and Rosendo Mateu, a prestigious perfumer with over 40 years of professional experience. All of extraordinary pedigree, but it wouldn’t be any other way. This gin was created as a necessity, and now provides a solution.

Ginraw is produced using traditional methods combined with modern culinary techniques. The production is a combination of two different distillations. On the one hand, a low-temperature distillation using Rotaval, an innovative tool used in haute cuisine, which macerates the fresh and exotic Mediterranean botanicals for four to ten days. On the other hand, a traditional distillation is made in copper stills, which is done with a careful selection of the best juniper berries. The first process gives the final product its character; while the second, the attractive color of gin. Both distillations just mixed to obtain the final formula.

Ginraw is produced in very limited quantities, with the aim of achieving excellence in each and every bottle that the consumer opens.

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Alcohol: 42.30%
Distillery: Gin Raw