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Domaine Jules Desjourneys Fleurie Chapelle Bois

A red wine born in the best gamay terroir in the world
75 cl.
94 Decántalo
Alcohol 13.00%
Production area Beaujolais
Designation AOC Fleurie
Contains sulphites
Varieties 100% Gamay
Service 16.0
Volume 75 cl.

About Domaine Jules Desjourneys Fleurie Chapelle Bois

According to legend, a legionary named Floro was the first to arrive and settle on one of the hills that protect the vineyard. There is no historical evidence for this, but this version is the most popular when it comes to explaining the origin of the Fleurie AOC. Located in the north of Beaujolais (in the south of Burgundy), it produces the most renowned wines of the area, whose depth and elegance are loved by everyone. Wine merchant Fabien Duperry did too, and as soon as he decided to become a winegrower – back in 2007 – he did not hesitate for a moment to start his new business by buying vineyards here. And so Domaine Jules Desjourneys was born.

The area Fabien Dupery focussed on was in the south, specifically in the village of ‘La Chapelle Bois,’ where he took over a vineyard that was more than 80 years old. In this area, the vineyard is strongly determined by the sandy soils resulting from the decomposition of pink granite. Likewise, the Fleurie AOC is surrounded by a chain of hills, including La Madone, which supports and protects the appellation's vineyards.

At Domaine Jules, minimal intervention and biodynamic cultivation always predominate, where the wine is always allowed to express its nature and terroir. Nothing to fluff it up or mask it! For the same reason, Fabien Duperry stopped using wood years ago to replace it with other materials, such as glass or stainless steel (much more aseptic and less invasive). Another key factor in the production of Domaine Jules Desjourneys Fleurie Chapelle Bois is the low yields of the vines, where the aim is always to select the best grapes and bunches.

For Fabien Duperry, ‘La Chapelles Bois’ is one of the best gamay vineyards in the world. It is here today, and it is made tangible at Domaine Jules Desjourneys Fleurie Chapelle Bois. Don't let it pass you by – taste it. One of those things you simply must do once in your life.


Domaine Jules Desjourneys Fleurie Chapelle Bois 2012 is a ripe and juicy wine, with a long aging, carmine red in colour, very attractive and elegant. The nose is mainly fruity (berries, peach), floral (iris, violet) and spicy. The palate is bright and refined. Well balanced. Silky and full-bodied. Cheers!

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