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Bodegas Alceño has known how to firmly rely on the Monastrell grapes, harvested at their optimum ripeness, looking for less volume and degrees, and more quality. Therefore, in a record time, their wines have managed to enjoy a prestigious position. With this winemaking renovation, apart from being a family tradition winery since 1870 and the first one to market wines in Jumilla, Bodegas Alceño has been able to join the path to modernity, producing balanced and very expressive wines, fruit, with lively tannins and with a great structure.

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Alceño Joven 2021

Delicious and fresh coupage of Monastrell, Tempranillo and Syrah

Spain   D.O. Jumilla (Murcia)

Alceño Joven 2021
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More about Alceño

In fact, the history of this small winery goes back to the nineteenth century, when the area manage to escape from the phylloxera, which resulted in a period of economic expansion, because the French vineyards were destroyed and traders came to the south to buy their wine.
This led to the spectacular take-off of the winegrowing economy, with the increase in vine plantations and a significant increase in the export of must to the neighbouring country. This enriched the local agricultural sector, and also led Jumilla to assume the risk of further cultivation of vines without grafting.

However, in the end, phylloxera arrived to the area in 1911, affecting the vines of the municipalities of Jumilla and Yecla. However, this community did not suffer excessive negative effects, and most part of the vineyard never disappeared thanks to the Monastrell variety; around 85% of the vineyard in this area is of this kind. It is a variety of Spanish origin that is spread throughout the Mediterranean coast. It is a very rustic kind, with high resistance to drought, medium to high sensitivity against mildew and oidium, very resistant to excoriosis, grey rot and moths It also has a high resistance to phylloxera.
The replanting with pest-resistant strains was slow and expensive, but it also allowed them to experiment with new production methods and new varieties. In this case, Bodegas Alceño was able to adapt to the most modern techniques of the time.

History of the winery

Bodegas Alceño is a family-tradition winery located in the centre of Jumilla since 1870. It still has some untouched areas since its foundation. It is currently part of the Bastida family and it has modern winemaking techniques, adapting its facilities and production processes to the new quality standards, and adapting the taste of its wines to the demand of the end consumer.
Bodegas Alceño has implemented the HACCP quality system, carrying out a traceability control to guarantee the maximum quality of the wines, from the vineyard to the end consumer.

Wines from Bodegas Alceño

The wines from Bodegas Alceño are in a "pure" condition because they are treated in a more respectful way to preserve their quality. Therefore, the winery warns that sediments may appear from the natural evolution of the wine itself.

Alceño Blanco Joven is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc from the highest areas of the Denomination of Origin. It is achieved through a cold maceration process at 10ºC. It is a wine of great aromatic intensity with nuances of tropical fruits, flowers and some notes of nuts. In the mouth it is round, long, balanced and lingering.

Alceño Rosado Joven is made with 90% Monastrell and 10% Syrah. It is a sweet wine with quite intense floral and fruit aromas. In the mouth it is balanced and intense with a very pleasant long after-taste of ripe fruit.

Alceño Tinto Joven is made with 70% Monastrell, 10% Tempranillo and 20% Syrah. It is a wine of intense purplish-red colour, with violet rims, intense fruit aroma with nuances of ripe fruit. Fresh, very fruity and sweet, with a harmonious balance between mouth and nose.

Alceño Dulce is made with 100% Monastrell, and it remains for 12 months in selected old barrels. At a first glance, it has a very high layer with a ruby-coloured ​​edge. In the nose, notes of raisins, dried figs and candied fruits stand out. In the mouth it is very ample, the sensations, the tannin acidity and the sugar combine in a perfect balance, offering a long taste with a pleasant and very long finish.

Alceño Tinto Roble is made with 90% Monastrell grapes, grown on drylands and harvested manually, and a small portion of Syrah. After the production they remain in French and American oak barrels for 4 months. It shows a perfect balance between the aromas of ripe fruit and the oak.

Alceño Organic Ecológico comes from the coupage of Monastrell, Syrah and Grenache from plots cultivated under the certification of organic agriculture. It is left to stand for 3-4 months in French and American oak barrels. It offers aromas of ripe black and red fruit with roasted and spicy touches. In the mouth it is deep and smooth.

Alceño Selección is their crianza red wine. A classic that belongs to a line of wine from the coupage of a careful selection of Monastrell, Syrah and Tempranillo wines, aged for 9 months in American and French oak barrels. It offers a good balance between the fruity aromas and the oak wood, with great intensity and elegance.

Alceño Syrah Premium 50 Barricas is a different and modern wine, with a coupage of grapes, mostly Syrah and a small percentage of Monastrell, which are carefully selected. After the production, they remain in new American and French oak barrels for a short period of time.

Alceño 12 Meses Twelve Tw comes mainly from the oldest vineyards of the Monastrell variety. It is aged for 12 months in French and American oak barrels, where it also goes through the malolactic fermentation. It is a wine with an intense layer of colour, of complex aromas, black fruits, roastings, cocoa and spices. In the mouth it shows great amplitude, very persistent and balanced.

Situation of Alceño