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The Macallan

The taste of legacy: unlock the secrets of Macallan's rich history with every pour.

Scotland has a large number of distilleries producing single malt whisky, but not many have names that carry as much weight as The Macallan, which has been licensed to distill since 1824, and is synonymous with elegance and exclusivity. So, what’s the secret to their success? At The Macallan they work with smaller stills that provide body and intense flavours that result in robust and character filled whiskies that express themselves with their natural colours (no added colorants) from the lightest oak to the darkest mahogany. The Macallan’s masterful use of wood brings quality and style to every bottle. Unparalleled whiskies, with a defined personality, only for the most delicate and demanding palates. Have you tried them?

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