All the information you need regarding the Decántalo friends webpage. What advantages do you have when you register as a user, what services we can offer you and how the points system works. If you still have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you.

1 Why create an account with Decántalo?

Our first reason is for your convenience. If you create a user account, your next purchase will have all your details already saved in our system, and all you will have to do is verify that these details are correct. Obviously, if some of your details have changed, these can easily be updated.

Furthermore, in your personal area, you will find a history of all previous orders that you have made. You will be able to check back to this page whenever you want. Additionally, you can even repeat an order without having to find the wines, simply add these back into your shopping basket.

We also offer a service that allows you to follow all our new products from your favourite wineries and appellations of origin (D.O).

And if this wasn’t enough, you can now earn loyalty points. The sum of your orders will be converted into Decántalo Points, points with your next orders can earn you some free wine. Yes! This means that if you keep making orders, you are earning points. This means we will send you some free bottles of wine that you can pick out from our selection that has been specially selected by our sommeliers.

2 What is the points system?

It is very easy. Each time you make an order on our website you earn points, it doesn’t matter what wine you purchase or the amount of your order.

Automatically, the amount of your order will be converted into Decántalo points, 1€ = 1 Decántalo point (delivery excluded), points you will be able to redeem for a different selection of wines when making your next order. You can only choose one of the options per order.

You accumulate the points just when placing the order on the website. 

3 Why label a wine as a favourite?

How many times have you tried a wine and over a period of time you wanted to remember what it was but you just couldn’t. To avoid this, we at Decántalo allow you to tag your favourite wines, these favourites will be stored in your profile. You will be able to check back whenever you want to remember those special wines.
Moreover, we will alert you when a new vintage from one of your favourite wines is available to order, thus allowing you to be one of the first to purchase that wine.

4 Why label a winery or an appellation of origin (D.O) as a favourite?

We all have a passion for a certain appellation of origin (D.O), this can be said for any winery too. We love to know about everything that happens there. For this reason, Decántalo offers a service that we will keep you up to date about all our latest products from your favourite wineries or appellations of origin.