Hungarian wine

Best wines from Hungary

Hungarian wine has earned a well-deserved reputation for its extraordinary sweet “noble rot” wines, but it also has a centuries-old tradition of making dry wines. For centuries, Hungary has been a country with one of the most outstanding cuisine and wine cultures, from all the countries found to the east of Germany. It has a wide range of native varieties where furmint grapes, with an intense and firm structure, and the harslevelü variety, softer and more fragrant, stand out. The world is rediscovering the qualities of Hungary’s dry white wines which today are again made with care, improving the wines from unique plots and with a wide range of traditional styles from the country where there is also room for its red wines, perhaps the least well-known, but well positioned locally and worldwide.
Hungarian wine offers us, therefore, a complete wine experience which goes beyond its sweet wines and which we invite you to discover.

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