Wine Gift Boxes

The best way to gift wine is to dress it up in an elegant gift box.

Mix and match the bottles you like to make your gift special.


The cases are handmade from solid pine wood at the Ilersis Foundation, a special employment centre that supports the social and occupational integration of people with disabilities, with the bottle secured inside and protected with wood shavings filler.

If you like, you can add a greeting card to give it a personalized touch.

Make your gift truly unique!


Choose from our three models of one, two, or three bottles to add that special touch to your gift.

Three bottles

What more could a wine lover ask for? Red, white, and rosé? Three reds? You decide.

Two bottles

A pair. White and red perhaps? A red and a sparkling? You'll surely get it right.

One bottle

The sobriety of a single bottle. Give a great red or a great white.

How can I choose a gift box?

You can choose the gift box you want from the shopping cart. First, select your wine, add it to the cart, and then, from the shopping cart itself, choose your gift box from the "Do you want to see gift options?" option.

Do you have a discount coupon?

Do you want to see gift options?

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You know, if you have to gift a wine, make your gift special with one of our gift boxes. You'll definitely hit the mark!

The boxes are designed for standard 75cl wine bottles, inquire for special bottles.