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Classic style Rioja wines with a touch of modernity

The winery Bodega Sierra Cantabria is located in San Vicente de la Sonsierra, a village with a great winemaking tradition in the hear of La Rioja. The winery belongs to the Eguren family. A family that has been making wine for five generations in La Rioja, and with projects in other Denominations of Origin, such as Teso la Monja winery in D.O. Toro. The wines of Sierra Cantabria are wines with a classic Rioja style. They try to provide somewhat more modernity, leaving the wood in the background and making the fruit and the intensity stand out.

More about Sierra Cantabria


The story of Bodega Sierra Cantabria goes back to 1957, when it was founded in San Vicente de la Sonsierra by D. Guillermo Eguren.
His ancestors had been making wine in the Sonsierra since 1870, five generations ago. It's safe to say that the Bodega Sierra Cantabria is in the hands of one of the most historical winemaking families in the Rioja Alavesa.

Today the winery is run by Marcos and Miguel Eguren, the sons of Guillermo, who continue to echoing their father's philosophy: a high regard for the individuality, character and identity of the winery.

Viñedos Sierra Cantabria, a brand under the umbrella of Bodega Sierra Cantabria, was created with the vision of taking all the features of their best vineyards and capturing them in a range of unique, exceptional wines. This winery is an emblem in La Rioja, their wines hailed as "The new classics".

What's more, the Eguren family has other winemaking projects in La Rioja, with the wineries Dominio de Eguren and Viñedos de Páganos, and in Toro with the increasingly well-known winery Teso la Monja.

Work philosophy

The winery takes its name from the nearby Sierra Cantabria, with summits of up to 1200 metres altitude, which helps protect the wineries from the cold Northern winds, creating a unique microclimate with the winters not being too cold and the summers being relatively mild.

Sierra Cantabria's vineyards are mainly split between three towns in the region known as La Sonsierra Riojana: Sav Vicente de la Sonsierra, Labastida and Laguardia.
This part of the Rioja Alta is made up of fields in terrace form which stretch from the Sierra Cantabria to the banks of the river Ebro.

The main variety grown is Tempranillo, although they also grow a smaller amount of Grenache, Viura and Tempranillo peludo, with vines ranging between 35 and 70 years of age.
The soils are calcareous and rich in clay. They lack in nutrients, minerals and organic material, and have great drainage as they're composed of pebbles, gravel and flood debris. The vines have low yields, and produce exceptional grapes.

Bodega Sierra Cantabria always strives for the highest quality. The winemaking process is very traditional and they look after their vines with the greatest of care, using organic fertilizer (manure). The harvest is carried out by hand and the grapes are rigorously selected. They believe in as little intervention with the grapes as possible, in order to preserve as best possible the character of the vineyards.

Bodega Sierra Cantabria wine

Sierra Cantabria and Viñedos de Sierra Cantabria have a range of spectacular wines:
Sierra Cantabria Rosado, Sierra Cantabria Selección, Sierra Cantabria Crianza and Sierra Cantabria Garnacha are the babies.
Sierra Cantabria Organza, a very special white wine aged in the barrel for 8 months.
Sierra Cantabria Reserva, a blend of Tempranillo and Graciano aged for 18 months in French oak barrels.
Sierra Cantabria Cuvée, a sexy, elegant red wine.
Sierra Cantabria Colección Privada, one of the winery's emblem wines.
El Bosque, a cult wine. An excellent Tempranillo single-varietal aged in the barre for 18 months.
Sierra Cantabria Amancio, a Tempranillo single-varietal that will delight even the pickiest of customers.

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