Picchioni Da Cima a Fondo Frizzante

The essence of a high altitude vineyard
75 cl.
92 Decántalo
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Alcohol 13.50%
Production area Lombardia
Designation DOC Oltrepò Pavese
Winery Picchioni
Varieties 70% Croatina, 30% Other red varieties
Service 12.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Red wine Ancestral method Natural, Organic and Vegan.

Charcuterie, Risottos, Pasta

About Picchioni Da Cima a Fondo Frizzante

Canneto Pavese is a small town in the east of Oltrepò, in Lombardy (Italy) with a strong winemaking tradition. So much so that until a few years ago it was one of the places in Italy with the highest ratio of vineyard area to total area. For a long time, this region’s wines were strong and full-bodied and, thanks to their high alcohol content, they were preserved enough to export to the other side of the Atlantic. However, in the 20th century, in order to make costs more profitable, vineyards growing in places that were difficult to access were abandoned in order to make production cheaper. Fortunately, now, vineyards that seemed destined for oblivion have been recovered by a new generation of producers who are reclaiming territory and authenticity. Andrea Picchioni is part this group of daring winemakers who, located in the small valley of Solinga, on a mountainside with prohibitive slopes, create full, meaty and long-living wines worth discovering.

One of the flagship products of Andrea Picchioni Agricultural Company is Picchioni Da Cima a Fondo Frizzante, a sparkling wine that is made using a traditional ancient method of making wine in a completely natural way. Made primarily from Croatina grapes and a small percentage of other red varieties, these hilltop vines are organically grown by hand. Harvesting is carried out strictly by hand in small boxes and, once in the winery, the grapes are destemmed and crushed. The resulting must remains in contact with the skins for a few days. Fermentation is carried out with native yeasts in concrete tanks and after resting on the lees for a few months, it is bottled unfiltered. It undergoes a second, completely natural fermentation in the bottle and is finally refined in the cellar for about 3 months before being sold.

So, Picchioni Da Cima a Fondo Frizzante is a sparkling red wine that reflects the tradition and essence of the vineyard. A sparkling wine made in the DOC Oltrepò Pavese with bubbles and fruitiness that express joy and a zest for life.



Picchioni Da Cima a Fondo Frizzante 2019 is a fruity sparkling wine with aromas of small red fruits, notes of violets and hints of aromatic herbs. The palate is deep, full-bodied and very elegant. A wine with fine tannins, a persistent fruity flavour and a long finish with pleasant notes of almonds.


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