Ron Amazona Dulce

An intense, sweet and everlasting pleasure
70 cl.
Tasting notes

Rhum (70 cl.).

Ron Amazona Dulce is an intense macerate, with a flavour that is sweet without being too much. Intense ruby red in colour, with notes of dark chocolate and caramel on the nose. The palate is intense and well-balanced, with a sweet entry that evolves into spiciness. Very strong flavour, with smoky touches that linger.

About Ron Amazona Dulce

Ron Amazona Dulce is a drink made by Limsa, by macerating rum with fruits, spices and caramelised sugar. 
More than a drink, Ron Amazona Dulce has become a symbol of this island’s culture, where any self-respecting bar will have a bottle of this drink that first emerged in the nineteenth century. The story goes that Ron Amazona Dulce was made as a result of commercial exchanges between the island and other countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Apparently, in those areas, this spirit was widely consumed, especially by Spanish soldiers who, in the midst of the war with the Americans over Cuba, combined coffee with rum or brandy to give them more courage in battle (hence this drink became popularly known as “carajillo” - coffee with liquor). 
This tradition and this recipe were picked up by Limsa, a Majorcan company that has been producing liqueurs and rums for more than 100 years. The story began in Marratxí, a municipality northwest of the Balearic capital in 1860 when the Cañellas family planted the seed for this adventure, which was then joined by other families. 
As a general rule, Limsa’s star product has always been the traditional Mallorcan herbal liqueurs - a classic. Special mention should be made of sugarcane spirits, the stand-out being Ron Amazona Dulce: a sweet pleasure that has been kept going over time. 

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