Roku Japanese Craft Gin

A meticulous balance of flavours
70 cl.
Tasting notes

Gin (70 cl.).

Roku Japanese Craft Gin is a subtle and complex gin that offers sweet and floral aromas reminiscent of cherry blossom and green tea on the nose. On the palate, it showcases the harmony of juniper berries accompanied by various botanicals, and the freshness of yuzu (Asian citrus) emerges. A gin with a silky texture and a delicate, spicy finish.

About Roku Japanese Craft Gin

Roku means six. The name is taken from the amount of botanicals that give this gin its personality. They are all of Japanese origin, grown in the best areas and cultivated in a traditional way.
Thanks to the multiple distillation process that Suntory uses based on the characteristics of each of these botanicals, they create a gin with a perfect balance of flavours.
Cherry blossoms, green tea, yuzu and Japanese sansho pepper. A gin with a sweet and floral aroma and a smooth and silky texture with a final subtly spicy touch, all while holding onto that traditional gin flavour. A delight for the senses!

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