Panduro Quartó

In very good company
75 cl.
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Alcohol 11.00%
Production area Balearic Islands
Designation Sin denominación
Winery Panduro Vinos
Varieties 100% Callet
Service 16.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Red wine Natural and Organic. 6 meses sobre lías en inox y barricas.

Style Panduro Quartó
White meats, Mushrooms, Pasta, Salads, Soft cheeses

About Panduro Quartó

Good friends and good wines are always there right when you need them. One of life’s everyday miracles that we cannot and don’t want to give up. It is such a powerful combination that it is quite normal to find wine projects that are born out of a friendship. This is proof of the inseparable role of both and that allows to gather around types and tastes. This is how Panduro Vinos was born, a project led by Ibon Apezteguia and Henrik Falk, which is based on the idea of travelling and making wines where these two factors join together. To begin with, they started their business on the island of Mallorca with 700 bottles of their first harvest on an estate in Colonia de San Pere, in the northeast of the island, and as a result of their work they present us with wines as authentic as this Panduro Quartó.

Bearing in mind that the energy generated by these connections, which are based on friendship, usually involves more desire than money, more will power than results and more passion than expertise, Panduro Quartó is a discovery that is hard to forget. Made from the native Callet variety planted in clay-limestone soil, it is organically cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner. Following a manual harvest, the grapes, partly destemmed and partly in whole bunches, undergo alcoholic fermentation with native yeasts for 14 days in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then aged in French oak barrels and stainless steel for 6 months.

With less than 1g/l of residual sugar and no added sulphites, Panduro Quartó is a pure expression of Mediterranean lands. A natural red wine, born out of friendship, that is perfect for sharing good times.



Panduro Quartó 2021 is a smooth red wine with aromas of red fruit, notes of wild flowers and spicy touches. On the palate it is light, fresh and easy to drink. A sweet wine with noticeable acidity and marked tannins. The finish is long and refreshing.

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