Castell del Remei Oda

An ode to noble red varieties
75 cl.
90 Peñín
91 Atkin
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Alcohol 14.50%
Production area Catalonia
Contains sulphites
Varieties 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Garnacha Tinta, 25% Merlot, 25% Tempranillo
Service 17.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Red wine Crianza Respectful agriculture. 12 months in French and American oak barrels.

Style Castell del Remei Oda
Vegetables, Soft cheeses, Red meat, Rice dishes, Game, Charcuterie, Cured cheeses, Mushrooms

About Castell del Remei Oda

Castell del Remei Oda is a red wine from the appellation of origin (D.O) Costers del Segre produced by the winery Castell del Remei. The wine is a blend between Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Garnacha.

The vines used have an average age of about 20 years old. They grow attached to a double cordon whereby there are 2,000 to 3,800 vines per hectare.

The use of agriculture is very non-invasive as the philosophy is try to respect the natural processes that happen in the environment.

After the harvest and the distinct processes of vinification. Castell del Remei Oda is aged in American oak barrels and again in second year French oak barrels for a period of 12 months.

Castell del Remei Oda, before being sold, is left to refine in the bottle.

There is evidence that the first Castell del Remei Oda was planted in the year 1870. The winery, as it stands today, has 400 hectares of land and 140 are used by vineyards.


Castell del Remei Oda 2018 is a robust red wine bursting with aromas of candied dark fruit, nuanced with spicy undertones and mineral hints. On the palate, it is tannic, featuring sweet nuances and a vivacity that extends its progression. The finish is fruit-laden and enduring.

2011 Voluminous and very good acidity, the tannins that are present are very concentrated. Structured and persistent, after taste pleasant and well balanced.

Full bodied cherry red and high intensity.

Spicy and fruity notes (Vanilla and blackberry). Sweet undertones and an end note of caramel.
2009 Full-bodied in the mouth, large liveliness provided by its acidity, perfectly combined with its great tannic concentration. Structured, with a great persistence and a balanced aftertaste.

Intense cherry red colour. High robe.

Complex aroma, between fruit and spices: redcurrants, blackberries, blueberries together with green pepper, laurel and vanilla. Sweet reminiscences of caramelized sugar during the finish.
2007 Wide and smooth attack and a good, intense, tasty and silky mid palate. Its tannins are noticeable and it shows a balanced acidity and a good finish with toasted sensations.

Cherry red colour with maroon edges. Clean and bright wine with tears that stain the glass.

The smoked and spicy notes of pepper, cocoa and vanilla provided during its ageing give way to aromas of ripe black fruit mixed with hints of dry and wet scrubland herbs, liquorice and mineral and vegetable nuances (laurel).
2006 Complexity between fruit and spices: currants, blackberries, blueberries along with green pepper, bay leaves and vanilla. In the end, memories sweet sugar caramelized.

Pillory intense colour of high layer.

Complexity between fruit and spices: currants, blackberries, blueberries along with green pepper, bay leaves and vanilla. In the end, memories sweet sugar caramelized.
90 Peñín
90 Peñín
90 Suckling
91 Peñín
90 Peñín
88 Peñín
86 Parker
89 Peñín
86 Parker
90 Peñín
90 Peñín

2015 Silver Medal Sommelier Wine Awards

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