If you have doubts about how to buy wine, how to make an order or a payment, find out here. If you still have a doubt, please get in touch with us. We would love to help you.

1 How to make an order?

Making an order at Decántalo is easy:
Browse through our listings until you find the wine that you like. Enter the number of bottles that you wish to purchase. By default the quantity is set to 1, but that is easy to change. Click the button “buy” to confirm.
A window will pop up asking if you wish to continue shopping or go to the shopping basket. Repeat this process until you have everything that you may want.

When you have finished choosing all your wines, go to the shopping basket page. Once you get there, make sure that you correctly have all your items. This page allows you to add or remove bottles and to delete an item if you made a mistake.

Once you are sure that you have all the products you wanted, click the button “checkout” to start the payment process.
Firstly, you start by logging in. If you are already a client, enter your user details as per normal. If this is your first time, please enter your details to create an account with us. Creating an account is totally free, and with each purchase that you make, you will earn points which can be exchanged for wine.

Once logged in, we will ask you for your billing and delivery addresses. A warm reminder, the more information you can provide, the easier this will make your delivery.
We will ask for a mobile number to contact you in case of emergency. As a general rule of thumb, our logistics partners can not call before making the drop off.

Choose your prefered payment method: Credit card or bank transfer. Decántalo works with Adyen, a company that specialises in safe international transactions that accepts all types of payment.
Your order has now been made. You can now receive your order from the comforts of your own home.

2 How to pay at decántalo.com?

Decántalo entrusts its transactions to Adyen, a company that is specialised in managing international payments. Their mission is to offer maximum security and payment options to our customers.
At Decántalo you can pay with a credit card or bank transfer. Adyen offers a series of local methods of payment depending on the country from where you are making the order. You will see a list of all the available options for your country at the moment of making the payment.

3 Is this payment system secure?

Absolutely sure. We manage our payments with the Adyen payment platform, a international company specialized in the management of secure online collections.

The collection management is carried out by the secure server of Adyen.This platform indicates to our system, if the payment has been executed or not.

Therefore, Decántalo does not receive your credit card data and does not store your credit card data in any database.

4 Problems with the order. What happens if the wine is bad?

Here at Decántalo we sample the batches of wine that we frequently use, and thanks to our high product turnover, we are quickly able to detect if there is a problem.

However, in some cases, it is possible that the bottle does not arrive in perfect condition. In this case, please contact our customer service department and we will replace the bottle free of charge or we will refund you the money for the price of the bottle.

We’ll accept incident claims within a period of 14 days after the purchase. In order to attend to your claim, we need you to keep the bottle and the wine until you’ve talked to us. We can’t accept claims if you’ve thrown away the wine or the bottle.

5 Problems with the order. What happens if I received a broken bottle?

The packaging we use to deliver our goods have been heavily thought about to avoid in transit breakages and our partners are fully aware of the fragility of the wine, but it is possibility that some bottles may arrive broken.

If you receive a broken bottle, please don’t worry. We will replace the broken bottle for you or give you a refund. For more information about what to do in the case of a broken bottle, please see our shipping page.

6 I don’t live in Spain, can I still make an order?

Yes, of course!
Decántalo sends orders all over the EU, Switzerland and to USA. Please have a look at our shipping page for information about costs and delivery times for your country.

7 Can I send my order as a gift?

Yes, at the moment of completing the order, you can select the option “this is a gift”.
We will ask you for the address where you would like the order to be delivered, and we will not attach any receipts for purchases made in this manner.

Furthermore, you can add if you like a gift card that we will be sent alongside with your wines. In this 200g printed card, you can write a personalised message to a family member, friend or client. This will create a totally personalised and unique gift.

8 What exactly is ‘en primeur’ wine?

Buying en primeur allows you to access some of the best wines at a much lower price than when it is released on the market. Buy it now and receive it when it is ready in the summer of 2020.

Buying en primeur wine consists of acquiring the wine much earlier than normal, in most cases, this is more than one year before the wine is available to be purchased on the market.

Buying en primeur offers two great advantages:
You are guaranteed the availability of the wine. It is perfectly normal that certain prestigious wines are practically sold out by this method, and once released onto the market the wines very quickly disappear.
Buying en primeur, enables you to secure some of the most sought after wines around.

You purchase the wine at a fixed and cheaper price. En primeur wines increase in price by two or three times when they enter the general market, this is because of many factors such as availability, the quality of the vintage, the wine’s rating and any prizes that it may have been awarded.

9 How does en primeur sales work at Decántalo?

It is very easy. Purchase online the wines that you would like. You can buy a pack or single units. Be careful though, some wines have a limited availability, therefore we recommend to place your order as early as possible in order to not miss out.

At the moment of purchasing the wine, you pay only for the wine. This means, when the winery sends us your order, you will receive an email to pay for the transport costs, and subsequently, we will send the wine to your house for you to enjoy at your own leisure.

Our en primeur wines are excluded from transport offers.

10 When does the sale for en primeur wines end?

The sale for this type of wine will end when all the wine have run out. Nonetheless, if there are some wines that have not been sold, the sale will finish on the 30th of August. These wines will be available again for purchase when released to the market, at its original price.

11 I want to buy on behalf of a company that is outside of Spain Can I save on fees?

Yes. If you buy through a company that is outside of Spain, you will save on fees that are applied nationally. It's as simple as sending us your VIES / ROE number at [email protected]. We will verify that this number is correct and we will create a tax-free user account for you.

You can check if your VIES / ROE number is correct by clicking on this link of the European Commission. In the requester member state field you will have to enter our VAT number: B65335606, and select Spain.

12 I'm a citizen of a country outside the EU who is visiting Spain. Can I ask for a reimbursement of the fees?

If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU, you will have to pay the fees when you make a purchase. However, you can claim these fees when you are leaving the EU.

We need:
  • -Full name, as stated on your passport.
  • -Passport number.
  • -Date of birth.
  • -Country of residence.
  • -Contact e-mail.

With this information, we will include a form with your order. You must present this form at the customs office of the departure airport. Do not place the bottles in your check-in luggage, because you will have show them at the customs office. At the customs office, they will stamp this form and the purchase invoice.
Take your stamped documents to the airport's Global Blue office. Here, they will reimburse you for the fees, in cash or via credit card. Please note that cash reimbursements can only be made for purchases under €1500. Management fee is €3. If the reimbursement is made through your credit card, it will go through in 5 days.

What if I don't have time to go to Global Blue's office?
You can also ask for a reimbursement remotely. We will give you a Global Blue envelope where you will have to include the invoice and the Tax Free form, both stamped by the Customs office. On the envelope it will tell you about any additional documents you may have to provide.
In this particular case, they will reimburse the fees through your credit card within 3 weeks after receiving the documents.

What if I travel to another country of the EU?
You will have to carry out this process at the last airport of the EU you will be at.

What amount are they going to reimburse me?
You can calculate the amount you will receive by clicking this Global Blue link.

13 Can I buy wine and have it saved for me in Decántalo?

Yes, if you like you can buy wine so that we can send it to you at a later date. That said, we won’t be able to hold on to it forever, of course ;) You have to make the commitment to have it sent within a maximum of two months after the date of purchase. After that time, we’ll take it as understood that you’re not interested, and we’ll put the wine on sale again without making any refund.