Avondale Qvevri Red

South Africa's First Wine Produced Using Qvevri
75 cl.
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Alcohol 13.50%
Production area Coastal Region
Designation WO Paarl
Winery Avondale
Varieties 52% Garnacha Tinta, 30% Syrah, 18% Mourvèdre
Service 16.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Red wine Aged in clay Natural, Organic and Vegan. 12 months in jar.

Style Avondale Qvevri Red
Cured cheeses, Red meat

About Avondale Qvevri Red

The qvevri, colossal amphorae meticulously handcrafted, are the secret behind Georgia's finest wines. This wisdom, passed down through generations for over 8,000 years, has even been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage for its cultural significance. Unlike other types of earthenware, the qvevri is buried up to its neck, ensuring superior natural temperature control and yielding wines rich in tannins. Embracing the notion that this is the most natural method of wine production, Johnathan Grieve, owner of Avondale Estate, has endeavored to transplant this ancient tradition to the African continent. His winery has become the first to craft South African wines that are vinified, fermented, and matured in qvevri clay vessels.

The crafting of Avondale Qvevri Red involves grape varietals such as Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre, averaging 15 years of age. The winery practices organic agriculture with exceptionally low yields. Each variety is harvested at its optimal ripeness and processed individually. The Grenache is destemmed and fermented in qvevris, with daily punch-downs, and left on its skins for a month. It is then pressed and returned to the qvevris. Meanwhile, the Syrah and Mourvèdre are fermented in qvevris with stems and skins for three months, after which they are pressed and left to mature in the same vessels. The vinification in these unique handcrafted containers allows the wine to breathe during fermentation and, as it ages in the clay, it acquires a beautiful luster of fruit and minerality.

With an unwavering commitment to fostering life, Avondale not only ensures absolute respect for Mother Nature but also upholds quality in all their wines. This is evident in Avondale Qvevri Red, a natural wine embedded within the WO Paarl classification, which, by reviving a precious age-old tradition, presents itself in its truest form. Marvelously vibrant, energetic, and spicy.



Avondale Qvevri Red 2018 is a luscious red wine brimming with succulent red fruit aromas, nuanced with spicy undertones and alluring earthy reminiscences. On the palate, it is vibrant, juicy, and fruit-forward. A wine endowed with such scintillating natural acidity, such refined tannins, and such exuberant minerality that it invariably invites another sip.

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