Wine from winery Vinyes d'en Gabriel

Vinyes d'en Gabriel is the project of a fourth generation of viticulturers in Montsant. The perseverance, daily work in the field and union, along with the dialogue of the earth and the stars, allow them to produce honest, expressive and genuinely authentic wines. The passion for the land, organic cultivation, and astral interaction and moon cycles, are the guidelines inherited from its founder more than 150 years ago.

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L'Heravi Selecció 2016

Spain   D.O. Montsant (Catalonia)

L'Heravi Selecció 2016
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L'Heravi Criança 2014

Spain   D.O. Montsant (Catalonia)

L'Heravi Criança 2014
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More about Vinyes d'en Gabriel

To explain this long story, we must go back to the nineteenth century, when the grandfather, Joan Rofes, heir to Casa Gabriel de Darmós, started the winemaking activity by planting his own vineyards one by one, and making his wines on the ground floor of his own house. The grandfather, Joan, was a strong man, hardworking and convinced about the land that would welcome his vines and their fruit, generation after generation. At that time, he already cultivated the land organically, paying attention to the growth cycles, and with the conviction that one should only listen to what the lands and vines dictated to achieve a good production. In over 150 years of existence of the winery, he has never used chemicals to treat or boost the production of the vines. Now, there is a vigorous land, healthy and wise, that his descendants continue to treat with the same respect as in the first days of life of Casa Gabriel.


History of the winery

At the beginning of the 21st century, specifically in 2004, the most visible person of the fourth generation, Josep Mª Anguera, consolidated the old winery in the form of the current Vinyes d'en Gabriel in larger premises in the outskirts of Darmós. The winery had new facilities, which were spacious and prepared, but always considering the beginnings of the house. Darmós, in the province of Tarragona, and within D.O. Montsant, is a small town located in the municipality of Tivissa, in the region of Ribera del Ebro.

Viñedos de Gabriel borders with Priorat, and its vineyards have a long history. Vinyes d'en Gabriel has 20 hectares of vineyard located on different farms: Cuvilà a La Figuera i Les Rovires, Planella, Coma Valdà, Argatà i Tros Lluny a Darmós. In fact, the vines are 60 years old on average; the Grenache is between 20 and 80 years old, the Samsó or Carignan between 50 and 90, and the Syrah is over 15 years old. In addition, next to one of the water wells, the landscape is taken over by a century-old Tempranillo, witness of all those who have placed their hands on these generous lands.

The lands where the vineyards are located are calcareous, clayey and grainy. They are located at around 125-200 metres above the level of the sea, which is very close to them, only 30 km away. This closeness, added to a climate of scarce rain and important temperature variations between day and night, give rise to the ideal conditions for their vines to produce high-quality grapes.


Work philosophy

The winery is located just 1 km from Darmós. It was built when the town became too small. The amount of small stainless steel deposits harmonizes with the open barrels used in the most special vinifications. Here, each plot and each variety is individually vinified before the assembly. The winery also uses concrete, with some deposits of unusual shapes that apparently help in the synergy of the lees in suspension. As far as wood ageing, the choice mostly leans towards Burgundy deposits, of fine grains and light toasting, and with capacities of 300 to 700 litres.

At Vinyes d'en Gabriel they have great respect for the vineyard because they were here before them, and they trust that they will continue to exist in the future. For this reason, in 2004 they started to use biodynamic agriculture. This practice is combined with organic agriculture, consisting of the use of natural and sustainable means that are within their reach for the cultivation of their vineyards. These means, among others, are crop rotation, fertilisers made with manure, and pest and disease control based on plants and minerals. All without fertilisers or chemical products of any kind.

The wines from Vinyes d'en Gabriel are defined by the Samsó, the Grenache and the Syrah, which express themselves with their own voice, controlling the vintage according to their astral interaction and the moon cycles. This is why they care for and cultivate the land with the aim of transmitting its complexity and its mineral notes.


Wines from Vinyes d'en Gabriel

Below is the list of wines made by Vinyes d’en Gabriel:

L’Heravi Blanco is made with 70% White Grenache and 30% Maccabeu, with fermentation and subsequent ageing in new French oak barrels for 7 months. It offers fruity aromas of apple, melon, and banana. A very fresh wine. In the mouth it is unctuous, broad and fresh, with prevailing melon, pear and some orange that gives it a citrus hint of freshness.

L'Heravi Rosé is made with Grenache and Syrah. This wine has a pale redcurrant colour, with fruity aromas of red fruit, floral notes and a touch of fine pastry. Fresh, easy to drink, and with a pleasant aftertaste.

Mans de Samsó is a young red wine made with Carignan (Samsó). On the nose, it is intense, with the presence of balsamic aromas of pine, touches of notes of liquorice, aniseed and minerals, with hints of fennel and cherry. In the mouth, it is seductive, full-bodied and very structured, with a great aromatic complexity, mineral notes and forest fruits.

L’Eravi Crianza is made with 50% Samsó that is 70 years old, and 50% Grenache that is 80 years old. On the nose, it is complex and fine, where red fruits and wild flowers bloom, enveloped by spicy and mineral nuances marked by the personality of the land. In the mouth, it is amiable and elegant, with a good tannic structure that gives it depth. Its finish is fresh and persistent in aromas.

L’Eravi Selecció is made with 50% Samsó that is 70 years old, and 50% Syrah that is 15 years old. This wine has an intense aroma, where the red candied fruits stand out, combined with balsamic and mineral notes. Intense and expressive as a whole. In the mouth, it is powerful, full-bodied and very well structured. It has a warm finish with persistent aromas.

L’Eravi is a young wine made with 60% Grenache that is 25 year sold, 20% Samsó that is 40 years old, and 20% Syrah that is 18 years old. It has powerful aromas, and its notes of red fruit, wild herbs and touches of candy are very expressive. In the mouth, it is smooth and elegant, with intense flavours and fresh, with a very well integrated tannin.

Cuvilà is a varietal of Grenache cultivated on the farm El Cuvilà, in the municipality of La Figuera. The vines are planted on clayey-calcareous and gypsum soils, at an altitude of 470 metres. This wine is aged for 11 months in 500-litre French oak barrels and 3 months in cement deposits. On the nose, it is expressive and honest, with aromas of black and red fruit. In the mouth, it is warm and well proportioned, with a suitable acidity, a good fruit concentration and volume, and a broad palate with round tannins.

Dolcet de Mireia is a natural sweet red wine made with 100% Syrah. It is aged for 8 months in French oak barrels. On the nose, it has notes of black fruit jam, a hint of coffee, nuances of grapes, some toasted notes and a background of tomato jam. In the mouth, it is intense, balanced, tasty, with a good acidity, good structure, and a remarkable prevalence of fruit.