Wine by the winery Quinta de Muradella

Minimalist and detailed winemaking

Quinta da Muradella, in Verín, within D.O. Monterrei, has a name of its own, José Luis Mateo, a genuine vintner by vocation, and a producer of great finesse and authenticity. In less than a quarter of a century, he has placed his small farm in the valley of Támega at the top of the best Burgundy-inspired properties. Their red and white wines rub shoulders with the greatest.

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Candea Tinto 2019

Spain   D.O. Monterrei (Galicia)

Candea Tinto 2019
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Candea Blanco 2019

A light and firm coupage of native varieties

Spain   D.O. Monterrei (Galicia)

Candea Blanco 2019
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Gorvia Blanco 2018

Spain   D.O. Monterrei (Galicia)

Gorvia Blanco 2018
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More about Quinta da Muradella

The history of this project dates back to 1991, with two vineyards that the father of José Luis, Alfonso, stonemason by career but farmer at heart, cultivated to make wine for their home and, later on, for the family bar A Canteira. Meanwhile, José Luis went to Madrid to study Information Sciences, but he realised it was not for him. His parents, humble people who had fought hard for his son to have an education, told him he needed to finish his university studies. And this is what he did. However, José Luis’ heart prevailed over the desires of his family for him to have a future away from the farm.

When he returned, he continued to make wine to sell it in the family bar. Little by little, he bought grapes and started to make bulk and experimental wines, until in 2000 he launched Alanda Tinto, his first labeled wine. The first wines were more mature, with more structure, new wood and single-variety wines of Mencía. However, over the years he has been able to extract wines with fresher notes, blended wines, which reflect the balance of the vineyard. This continuous search for elegant, long-lived and balanced wines that reflect the different plots, orientations and identities of the area, is what José Luis puts before any commercial consideration.


History of the winery

Quinta da Muradella was created in 1993 in Verín, in the region of Monterrei. It is located in a family farm, and its first farms were acquired in Pazos because the father had some properties in the area and in Tamaguelos. It was here where they found a land of the appropriate dimensions to cultivate the vineyard in a more professional way.

The winery Quinta da Muradella is a basic and rudimentary winery. On the outside and on the inside it is modest, without large spaces, with simple architecture and built in stages as the business allowed. Currently, the winery’s production and research philosophy, and the search and differentiation of each terroir and grape variety, requires them to perform several fermentations. Therefore, in the near future the winery may expand with different buildings to make work easier. The technical installation is also basic, without neglecting the technical advances. It has the essential things for the production of the wine, based on the simplicity of the traditional and family production methods.

The winery owns 14 hectares, as well as leased and borrowed farms. They also buy some grapes from other wine viticulturers, so in the end they manage and control 24 hectares distributed between 36 plots. Their farms are like an open-air historical museum with a great diversity of native varieties, such as the reds Bastardo, Caiño Longo, Caiño Redondo, Sousón, Brancellao, Zamarrica, Tinto Serodio, Verdello Tinto, Garnacha Tintorera and, of course, Mencía. As for white varieties, they have Dona Branca, Monstruosa –perhaps because of the size of the grapes—, Treixadura, Torrontés, Godello, and others that are still unidentified and which are called Caiños due to their marked acidity. Some of its 24 plots crown the upper part of the region, a steep area abandoned by farmers around 30-40 years ago in search of higher yields and easier working conditions in the valley. It should be noted that in 2000, José Luis contacts Raúl Pérez, the most mediatic creator of genuine wines of our country. Together, they started to design the different wines of the winery.


Production philosophy

The winery produces twenty wines of limited organic production, with minimum human intervention, and grapes stomped like they used to do back in the day. They do not add yeasts, nor use new barrels or filtration. They only use grapes that are well looked after and that connect with nature, obtaining wines that surprise by their finesse, fullness, complexity and longevity. The more than 14 hectares of vineyard they own are all certified as ecological since 2005, as well as the winery, which has been certified since 2010. All the new plantations have been carried out with materials from a mass selection of the oldest vineyards, and the entire vineyards are cultivated by strictly following the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture.

In an area where, after phylloxera, they replanted a lot of grafted Garnacha Tintorera (Alicante Bouschet) and Mencía, José Luis searched for genetic diversity. This is why he works with multiple varieties, some of them planted by him with mass selection, like Bastardo (Merenzao), Mencía, Garnacha Tintorera, Caíño Tinto, Albarello (Brancellao), Arauxa (Tempranillo), Sousón, Zamarrica, and other varieties he is recovering. He is also performing clonal tests, taking plants from one area of his vineyards to another. They are located between 300 and 800 metres of altitude and have soils for all tastes: clayey, gravelly, with slate, quartz and granite.

At Quinta da Muradella they vinify the plots separately, they adjust the fermentations, times and ways of ageing to the characteristics of the vintage to make fresh wines, something that is not that easy in an area with the Monterrei climate. For the fermentation, they use wood or stainless steel deposits, depending on each vintage. There are no set rules for ageing time or type. In this case, they study the characteristics of each vintage and they act following their intuition to reflect the unique features of this singular terroir.


Wines from Quinta da Muradella

The winery produces around eighteen wines, both as single-varieties and coupages. These include the Alanda range, which was the first brand of the winery, as well as the Caldea, Gorvia and Muradella as special productions, among others. Below you can find a comprehensive list of wines from Quinta da Muradella:

Alanda Blanco is made with a coupage of Treixadura, Doña Blanca, Godello and Mostruosa. On the nose, it has a medium intensity, it is very elegant, with nuances of flowers, citrus and fruit, along with nuances of bakery. In the mouth, it is silky, and the citrus nuances appear again with certain creamy flavours, fresh, with a long finish and a herbal aftertaste.

Alanda Tinto is a coupage of Mencía, quite a lot of Bastardo, and Tinto Fino. It ages for 12 months in used French oak barrels. It has a good aromatic intensity, of ripe red fruit in the foreground. When opened, the minerals and toasted notes appear along with vanilla, cocoa and a prevailing aroma of liquorice, with light final vegetation touches. In the mouth, it is fresh and tasty, with a smooth, unctuous mid-palate, and a good intensity. The spices and the fruit are well balanced. Sweet tannins. Good finish with a lot of persistence, and a fruity and floral aftertaste. Elegant, very subtle, and fresh.

Candea Blanco is made with Treixadura and Doña Blanca planted on slate, granite and clay soils, between 360 and 700 metres of altitude. This wine is fermented and aged for 9 months on its lees in 1,500-litre foudres. It has an aroma of medium intensity, with chamomile flower, fresh oregano, and raw almond. In the mouth, it is intense, very saline, with a bright acidity, and meaty.

Candea Tinto is made with Bastardo, Mencía and Garnacha Tintorera. It is aged for 13 months in new French oak barrels, and 6 months in the bottle. Red fruit, earthy, balsamic, subtle. In the mouth, it is warm, fruity and with a touch of wood, tasty, and fresh.

Gorvia Blanco is a varietal of Dona Branca aged for 8 months in French oak barrels. On the nose, it is complex, with ripe fruit, honey, peach, dried fruit and nuts, vanilla, butter, notes of forest herbs and pastries. In the mouth, it is soft, silky and velvety, with a long persistence.

Gorvia Tinto is made with Mencía, Bastardo and Caíño Tinto, with a fermentation of 3 months in open wooden vats, and a stay in stainless steel deposits for 5 months. Then, it is aged for 14 months in French oak barrels and another 9 months in stainless steel. A mineral, earthy, balsamic aroma, with mountain herbs, and a fruity expression. In the mouth, it is tasty, fruity, and fresh, with a good acidity, and long.

Muradella Blanco is a varietal of Treixadura aged for 8 months in used French oak barrels. it has aromas of white flowers, orange blossom, pastry, marmalade, floral notes, and balsamic notes. In the mouth, it is elegant, fine, balanced, with dried fruit and nuts, persistent, and with toasted notes in its finish.

Muradella Tinto is a coupage of Mencía, Bastardo, Mouratón and Garnacha Tintorera. It is aged for 8 months in 500-litre French oak barrels. Aroma of red fruit with floral, balsamic, spicy and mineral hints. In the mouth, it is tasty, elegant, fresh, and fruity, with good acidity and long.

Quinta da Muradella “Crianza Oxidativa” is a varietal of Doña Blanca. It is made like in Jeréz, filling 3/4 of the deposit where the yeast cap develops, a light ‘velo de flor’, which was previously oxygenated and aerated to eliminate the fruit. It remains 5 months in used 500-litre French oak barrels, and the rest remains in 1500-litre foudres under the yeast cap. On the nose, it has a high intensity, balsamic, of mountain herbs, floral, citric notes and chalk. It is complex and intense. In the mouth, it is fatty, with good acidity, tasty, with saline notes and a bitter and sweet hint. Balsamic and persistent.

Quinta de Muradella “Barrante” is a varietal red wine of Mencía from a vineyard located at 700 metres of altitude. It is fermented with its yeasts in stainless steel deposits and aged for 16 months in used French oak barrels. On the nose, it presents a lot of red fruit that blends with aromas from its ageing, and spicy and balsamic touches. In the mouth, it has strength, but also an important acidity, with a high of fruit load, and a polished tannin.

Quinta da Muradella “Garnacha Tintorera” is a varietal red wine that has gone through the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation with the stems in open wooden vats. It has been aged for 13 months in French oak barrels. Bottled without filtering or clarifying. It offers an immense aromatic complexity, with blackberries, blueberries, flint, campfire smoke and fine spices. In the mouth, it is silky, full of fruity expression and a very long and pleasant finish.