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Since its founding in 1975, EVICE has had one goal: to offer quality wines and champagnes and prestige, combining modern technology and traditional vinification systems. The wine family tradition dating back to last century when the family ELIAS, owner of vineyards in the area of the mountain of Montjuic (Barcelona), decided vinification their crops incorporating a press his vintage Masia. From this moment not only the grapes are vinified family, but many neighbors brought their grapes to be pressed. This wine-wine activity broke the Spanish Civil War broke out, resulting in the loss of some farms.

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Similarly, the death of Don Jose Elias Anglí, father of the founder of modern business, that this activity was completely lost. Elias Jose Andreu, who held in his memory of these experiences, decided in 1975 to recover the tradition by buying a farm of 36 hectares. in the Penedes, located in Guardiola de Font-Rubi, and Can Campmany name. There, the old building and craft facilities Masia vendimias.En are vinified 1977 acquired two other farm in El Pla del Penedès, 18 ha. Around the farmhouse of the estate, Can Respall Renard (eighteenth century), built the present winery and wine storage, with capacity to produce all the grapes from the current composition of fincas.La properties has grown with the incorporation of new vineyards, until now the 94 ha. spread over four properties: Can Campmany, Can Respall Renard, The Fang and Camp Nou. The common denominator of these years of consolidation has always been the love of the land, viticulture and the quality of grapes harvested, the only way to obtain quality wines and champagnes are a reflection of the privileged nature around us.