Wine from winery Mas Estela

The winery More Estela is located in an ancient property in the valley of Sant Roma, in the municipality of Selva de Mar (Alt Emporda). In the year 974, Count of Empúries Gaufred, he donated a large territory to the monastery Sant Pere de Rodas, except the valley of Sant Roma, due to fertility, abundant hunting and beauty of the area. In 1989 the Stewart family-Dalmau, acquires Mas Estela and the 50 land surrounding it.

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More about Mas Estela

After a long hard work of restoration, the re-revive Mas Estela, 16 ha. vineyards will be replanted in Grenache noir, Carignan, Monastell, and Muscat of Alexandria. The passion for land, the obsession to preserve the environment with the best possible conditions, leads us to opt for organic farming since the beginning (1989) and then in 1999 in biodynamics. Careful observation of the vineyard, the work according to the lunar and planetary rhythm, exclusion of pesticides, pungicidas, insecticides and synthetic fertilizers allow the expression of terroir through a viva.Esta land is your philosophy, will and way of working.