Wine from winery Hacienda Monasterio

Quality, expression, delicacy.

Hacienda Monasterio is a relatively young winery, situated in D.O. Ribera del Duero. It produces 3 magnificent wines made from the reigning variety in Ribera del Duero; Tinto Fino. They follow organic farming methods with a profound respect for the land with a meticulous and very careful production process.

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Hacienda Monasterio Reserva 2018

One of Ribera del Duero’s most sought-after reds

Spain   D.O. Ribera del Duero (Castilla y León)

Hacienda Monasterio Reserva...
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Hacienda Monasterio 2019

Freshness, delicacy and balance

Spain   D.O. Ribera del Duero (Castilla y León)

Hacienda Monasterio 2019
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Hacienda Monasterio Magnum 2016

Freshness, delicacy and balance

Spain   D.O. Ribera del Duero (Castilla y León)

Hacienda Monasterio Magnum...
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More about Hacienda Monasterio


Hacienda Monasterio is a winery situated in the Milla de Oro (Golden Mile) in the Ribera del Duero. Halfway between Pesquera and Valbuena de Duero, towns with a great tradition for the production of wine. They have a high quality and great recognition. 

The winery was founded in 1992, constructed on an estate of 160 hectares which was the property of the well-known Lecanda family, who have links to wine for several generations and are famous for other things, like being the founders of the legendary winery Vega Sicília, at the beginning of the nineteenth century. 

Since the founding, Hacienda Monasterio features the oenologist Peter Sisseck. A guarantee of quality at the hands of one of the great wine gems in Spain: the well-known and sought after Pingus.

Philosophy of work

Hacienda Monasterio has an estate of 160 hectares, 78 are planted with vineyards, south facing to ensure the correct ripening of the grapes and the soil is mainly made up of limestone, which gives the wine a special finesse and elegance. 

The main variety that is planted is the Tinto Fino variety, a variety that is mostly planted in D.O. Ribera del Duero
This variety reaches optimum ripening conditions only for exceptional vintages. Hacienda Monasterio have also planted, to a lesser extent, other varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec, for the years when there is not an exceptional complement with Tinto Fino. 

Hacienda Monasterio plants its vines in tight spacing, 4000 planted per hectare. High above the average use of 2,200 in Ribero del Duero
This gives a lower yield per plant, but means the grape is of a very good quality as the plant is not abundant a great quantity of grapes. 

By following organic farming methods, they do not use any form of herbicide nor pesticide nor chemical fertilizer. All the fertilizers used are completely natural. All the crop residues are from compost and used as fertilizer with sheep droppings. 

Once the grapes have reach the optimum state of ripeness, the harvest is done by hand and the grapes are transported to the winery in small plastic crates that prevent any of the grapes from breaking. Once in the winery, the grapes undergo a strict selection process of the bunches. 

Hacienda Monasterio uses natural yeasts for the fermentation process of all the wines. The malolactic fermentation takes place in French Allier barrels, racked every three months, afterwards it undergoes an aging.

Wines from Bodeha Hacienda Monasterio

Hacienda Monasterio only produces 3 wines.
Hacienda Monasterio Crianza, Hacienda Monasterio Reserva and Hacienda Monasterio Reserva Especial. 3 great wines based on the Tinto Fino variety, very expressive and an enormous quality.