Wine from winery Ferrer Bobet

Ferrer Bobet is Priorat. From the typical grape varieties used to produce their wines; vineyards home to the classic "licorella soils", planted on terraces and in turn the manual work that has to be carried out to cultivate these difficult lands; to the understanding of delicate ageing as to not lose the wine's fruity nuances. For a relatively young winery to achieve and maintain all of these, shows both their respect and admiration for the Priorat. Before us we have a new classic from the Priorat.

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Ferrer Bobet 2019

Harmony, identity and elegance

Spain   D.O.Q. Priorat (Catalonia)

Ferrer Bobet 2019
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Ferrer Bobet Magnum 2018

Harmony, identity and elegance

Spain   D.O.Q. Priorat (Catalonia)

Ferrer Bobet Magnum 2018
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Ferrer Bobet Vinyes Velles 2018

A deep coupage with intense minerality

Spain   D.O.Q. Priorat (Catalonia)

Ferrer Bobet Vinyes Velles...
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More about Ferrer Bobet

Ferrer Bobet is one of the most innovative and interesting projects being carried out in the the DOQ Priorat. It is backed by the prestige of its founders: the entrepreneur Sergi Ferrer-Salat, a fomer pharmacist and current owner of the Monvínic in Barcelona; and Raül Bobet, a winemaker with extensive experience with his work with the Miguel Torres group and Castell d’Encús in the Costers del Segre.

Ferrer Bobet is located in the Porrera zone, whose natural environment offers exceptional conditions for viticulture. Thanks to the strong influence of the northeast winds, which is moderated by the Mediterranean, Porrera is one of the coolest areas of the DOQ Priorat. The topography of this region is characterised by the vineyards being situated at high altitudes on steep gradient slopes. These various factors help contribute to the strong thermal contrast between day and night, which favours optimal phenolic ripening and helps preserve the grapes acidity, freshness and aromas. Also, the multiple orientations of vineyards help make up a rich diversity of mesoclimates and offer the possibility of creating complex and elegant wines. At Ferrer Bobet, all of this is combined with almost exclusively slate soils, known locally as llicorella, which are a feature of only the top vineyards in the Priorat and which play such a key part in the unique personality of these wines.

To date the winery has also used hundred-year-old Carinyena and Garnatxa Negra vines from exceptional vineyards which benefit from all of these qualities and with whose owners they share longstanding ties of friendship, esteem and respect.

History of the Winery

It was back in 2001 when Ferrer Bobet acquired 70 hectares of land, in an enclave located 6 kilometres from Porrera, towards Falset. While the winery was being built, 20 hectares of vineyards were planted around the winery in 2003, 04 and 05, planting various varieties including Carinyena, Garnatxa Negra, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier and Roussane. These vines stand on slopes and terraces which were carefully selected after exhaustive edaphological and adaptability studies. For each variety, only use low vigour rootstocks and clones are used, aiming for perfectly balanced vines. The winery only practises organic viticulture, with insecticides and herbicides not being used and any point.

The winery and technical installations are largely underground, hidden away beneath the rugged hillside in order to preserve the landscape and the natural balance of the area. Only the upper area, housing the entrance, bottling, dispatch and visitor areas, can be seen against the mountainous horizon. Echoing the lines of the landscape, the dynamic technology and the lightness of the roof define this unique agricultural building.

Work Philosophy

The winery ensures the character and quality of their wines through taking care at every stage of production, from choosing the plot, the time of harvest, the careful selection of each grape, making way for wines that are noted for their freshness with soft tannins and an imperceptible astringency.

The winery begins vinification with 10kg harvesting crates and then rigorously select the grapes berry by berry on a double sorting table. Fermentation takes place in small 15 and 30 hectolitre vats, so that each parcel can be vinified individually. Most of the vats are made from oak, a key factor in improving the wine’s structure and its integration with the wood. The wines are aged in fine-grained French oak barriques during a minimum period of fifteen months and bottled unfined and unfiltered in order to preserve their organoleptic qualities.

Winemaking at Ferrer Bobet is based on the principle that only respectful and painstaking viticulture will result in the finest fruit, the cornerstone of the quality and typicity of the wine. So the winery has been meticulously built to a design that guarantees an optimal workflow, using gravity to run the whole winemaking process, from fruit reception to bottling.

Ferrer Bobet Wines

The first Ferrer Bobet wines came from the 2005 vintage: Ferrer Bobet and Ferrer Bobet Selección Especial. Other wines has been produced in other vintages, such as the Ferrer Bobet Viñas Viejas and Ferrer Bobet Selección Especial Viñas Viejas, but it all depends on the intrinsic quality of each grape variety in each harvest.

As the founders themselves have stated, both both Ferrer Bobet Vinyes Velles and Ferrer Bobet Selecció Especial Vinyes Velles aim to show an admiration and respect for the land that has embraced them. Using traditional viticulture and oenology to help find the particular elegance, freshness, harmony and purity, as well as the deep and complex mineral essence of the Priorat.

It should be noted that all the grapes used by the winery come from terraced vineyards of llicorella soils, are selected from a double selection tabled and only fill tanks by gravity. Apart from Ferrer Bobet, all other wines from the winery are fermented in wooden tanks with 15 and 30Hl capacities, with malolactic fermentation and ageing undergone in fine grain, medium-light toasted French oak barrels.

Ferrer Bobet is the staple wine offered by the winery. The wine made using 4 different grape varieties: Carignan, Grenache, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, from vineyards planted during the years of 2004, 05 and 06 on terraces and llicorella soils. This wine then undergoes fermentation in 15 and 30HL wooden, stainless steel and cement tanks, and then is aged in 60% new French oak barrels for 9 months.

Ferrer Bobet Selección Especial is a single variety wine made using Carignan grapes, which are grown on llicorella soils. This wine is aged for an average of 18months.

Ferrer Bobet Vinyes Velles (old vines), is made using old Carignan (70%) and Grenache (30%) grapes. It is produced in exactly the same way as the Selección Especial, except this wine is aged for only 15 months.