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Estefanía is named after the grandmother of its owners, the Frías brothers, and it was founded in 1999. Nevertheless, the relationship of the family with viticulture dates back to 1920, when the grandfather, Sebastián, planted 1,500 vines in the area of Toro. However, he abandoned his cultivation and moved to Burgos, and at the beginning of the new millennium the third generation advocated for El Bierzo and the Mencía variety. They entered the market with the range Tilenus, which currently has six different labels, each with its own personality and with the seal of the multifaceted oenologist from El Bierzo, Raúl Pérez.

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Tilenus Crianza La Florida 2017

Spain   D.O. Bierzo (Castilla y León)

Tilenus Crianza La Florida...
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Tilenus Mencía Roble 2018

A fresh and elegant young red

Spain   D.O. Bierzo (Castilla y León)

Tilenus Mencía Roble 2018
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More about Estefanía

From the beginning, this small winery chose to produce varietal wines with personality, and that were able to convey the essence of the old vineyards of El Bierzo.

Its main brand, Tilenus, was born from the name of the primitive god "Teleno", Celtic god of war and also equivalent to the Roman god Mars. With the name of Tilenus they have sought to reminisce that golden age of the Roman era in El Bierzo, when they began to exploit the gold deposits of the Médulas. From that time, on the label of its wines we can see a Roman coin, which was found in one of the vineyards.

In 2014, Bodega Estefanía became part of MGWines Group. The history of MGWines Group is one of union. A union between several wineries whose essence lies in the devotion to everything that surrounds the world of wine. Its dedication to extract the best essence of the grape makes MGWines Group a company with wineries and vineyards that are full of uniqueness and emotion. Behind each of the wineries that are part of MGWines Group we can find families who have a unique story to tell. Luis Miñano San Valero, a businessman from the province of Alicante, is the diver of this idea. With an innovative spirit and always constant, supported by his family, he has created a new business concept, which lies in viewing the world of wine with perspective and defining the uniqueness of each of the wineries that form MGWines Group. These factors have created a different and unique group of wineries that are looking for excellence, supporting the different native varieties of the different regions. Currently, MGWines Group is comprised of four wineries with Mediterranean character that belong to different Denominations of Origin: Bodegas Lavia under D.O. Bullas, Bodegas Sierra Salinas under D.O. Alicante, Bodega Casa Corredor under D.O. Tierra de Castilla, and Bodegas Estefanía under D.O. Bierzo. All of them make up a total of 180 hectares of vineyards. The Management of MGWines Group establishes, declares and assumes a permanent commitment to quality, food safety, respect for the environment within the framework of sustainability and social responsibility towards the interested parties, all in the normal course of its activities.


History of the winery

Bodegas Estefanía is a very special winery that was created in 1999, when the Frías family decided to recover an old dairy located in the village of Dehesas, in Ponferrada (León). In this valley surrounded by mountains, between León, Galicia and Asturias, the winery has 40 hectares of vineyard with almost century-old vines of Mencía, planted on mainly mineral and clay soils in the valleys, and alluvium with conglomerates in the area of ​​Valtuille de Arriba and Pieros. This area is influenced by a continental climate, which has a good moisture balance thanks to the Atlantic climate that comes from Galicia, and the dry climate, originating of Castilla y León. Among these plantations we can find an organic vineyard of Mencía in Arganza, at 550-650 metres of altitude. One step forwards towards respect for the land that impregnates the philosophy of the winery. They also have an old vineyard of Prieto Picudo, a grape variety native to León. It is located at an altitude of 836 metres and planted on a sandy-clay bed, in the town of San Román de los Oteros.

Bodegas Estefanía has a production plant that has been built combining materials such as slate, stone and wood, enhancing the traditional architecture of the area. Each production stage has been arranged in a certain way, taking care of temperature, humidity and luminosity. It is a modern winery, with equipment formed by the latest technological innovations that allow from a previous evaluation of the grape ripeness to confirm the optimum harvest time, to a comprehensive control of each part of the production process and any other details that may favour the idea of ​​quality wines with a limited production. Regarding the barrel room, the winery has around one thousand Bordeaux barrels, manufactured by the most prestigious firms of artisan coopers, mostly made with French oak.


Work philosophy

The unique terrain that surrounds the winery, and the antiquity of the vines, leads them to harvest manually, carefully controlling the sugar concentration of the grapes, the control of polyphenols index and their colour, among other variables. It is a very tedious harvest, since there is not enough space between the vines to carry out this process with machinery, and the unevenness of the land is very steep. This makes each vine have a limited yield, which is often below 1.2 kg per plant. This is why it is essential to choose each grape berry paying close attention to detail. This artisan vocation and respect for tradition is what Bodegas Estefanía has always wanted to maintain for its wines, with utmost respect for the vineyard to obtain the best possible grapes in every case.

Wines from Bodegas Estefanía

We are now presenting you with wines from Estefanía that you can find at Decántalo:

Tilenus Godello
is made from Godello grapes, from two plots located in Villafranca del Bierzo and Villadecanes. It has fermented at a low temperature, half in deposits and half in barrels. It is a fatty wine, with structure, aromas of ripe fruit and citrus, fresh and ample.

Tilenus Vendimia is a varietal of Mencía, from vines ranging 20 to 40 years old, planted on clayey-calcareous soils, at 500-700 metres. On the nose is has a wide aromatic range, with prevailing wild fruits (raspberry, strawberry and cherry) as well as floral notes. In the mouth, the unctuousness and the freshness of the Mencía complement each other, all supported by a fine tannic structure.

Tilenus Roble is made from Mencía vines between 40 and 60 years old, and it is aged in barrels between 8 and 12 months. It is a fresh, Atlantic wine, full of fruit. Elegant, fine, addictive. On the nose it has plenty of red fruit, raspberry, strawberry ... and in the mouth, a lot of freshness, with a very fine tannin.

Tilenus La Florida is a 100% Mencía from La Florida, an old vineyard that is 60 to 80 years old, located on slopes and clayey soils. It is aged for 12 to 14 months in French barrels. It has aromas of red fruits, spices and smoky hints. It is unctuous in the mouth, fresh, meaty. A very balanced assembly.

Tilenus Pagos de Posada is also a varietal of Mencía, from the farm La Posada, planted with vines that are 80-90 years old. It ferments with a percentage of stems in open foudres, and it ages between 12 and 18 months in French oak barrels. It is complex, very elegant, fresh, with smoky and undergrowth notes. It is fresh and elegant, with a polished tannin that gives it a long and silky mid-palate.

Tilenus Pieros was born from a selection of old Mencía vines that are over 100 years old, located on the hill of Pieros, planted on sandy, sloping soils. Part of the grape is vinified with the stems to achieve freshness and complexity. It is aged for 18 to 22 months in French oak barrels. It is a wine of great complexity and olfactory depth, with a lot of mineral and phosphoric notes, spices and aromatic herbs. In the mouth it is mature, ample, very expressive and with a powerful and aromatic finish in the aftertaste. A wine with ageing potential and an excellent evolution.

Situation of Estefanía