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This winery is quite aware of the fact that field work is what is truly important, because for the Mendoza family the best wines are always born from the best vines. Even the name of the company is proclaimed as "Enrique Mendoza Viticultor" ("viticultor" meaning winegrower in Spanish). Despite Enrique Mendoza making the vast majority of its wines from foreign varieties, the winery has been erected as one of the main flagships of D.O. Alicante. Currently, it is one of the exemplary wineries of the Mediterranean, whose high-end wines are widely recognised both nationally and internationally.

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Enrique Mendoza Pinot Noir 2019

A Pinot Noir that has settled in very well to the Levante

Spain   D.O. Alicante (Valencia)

Enrique Mendoza Pinot Noir...
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More about Enrique Mendoza

Enrique Mendoza owned a supermarket in the Alicante municipality of Alfàs del Pi, his home town, and in 1970 he planted his first vineyard with around 200 vines. At the time, his relationship with wine was simply an entertainment, a way to make a few litres of wine for his own consumption, in a completely artisan way. In fact, harvest time was a real celebration with friends who got together with the excuse of harvesting. Over time, and as the wine production was increasing, he decided to sell wine in bulk, at the same time as he acquired more experience. Despite having limited means, his concern for quality wine led him to implement new techniques, such as fermentation under controlled temperature using bags of ice. A true challenge. However, the rudimentary winery carried on growing, and Enrique decided to start taking the production more seriously. Therefore, he managed to create his own winery in Alfàs del Pi, on some lands that were very close to the coast and with high humidity. However, he soon realised that hey were not the most optimal to produce high-quality red wines, forcing him to find a new location for his second winery. 


Currently Enrique Mendoza has two wineries. The winery of Alfàs del Pi. The first one, in the style of a French chateaux, is destined to the production of varieties like Chardonnay, next to the sea, and it also has 4.5 hectares of Roman Muscat. Here they also have an ageing warehouse, and the bottling and shipping facilities.

In 1989, after this experimental stage in Alfàs del Pi, the Mendoza family moved to Finca Chaconero, in Villena, to carry out the second extension of the winery and the vineyard with varieties of international varieties, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Petit Verdot, as well as the recovery of a 40-year-old farm planted with Monastrell. The farm finca El Chaconero is located to the west of the city of Villena, at around 400 metres of altitude, next to the site of Cabezo de la Virgen. It currently has around 120 hectares of vineyard. The study of the soil of this site is of particular importance. Here we can find many different soils, some suitable for cultivation, and others that are not, because the soil strata are oblique and not horizontal.

The winery is currently managed by two of the sons of Enrique Mendoza, Pepe and Julián Mendoza. Pepe studied oenology at the Viticulture and Oenology School Félix Jiménez in Requena (Valencia), finishing his studies in 1990. From this year onwards he became the oenologist of the family winery, and today he is one of the most prestigious oenologists in Spain. He was the first Spanish oenologist to arrive in New Zealand, at the Grove Mill group in the Malborough Valley. He has also worked for the Altavista Group in Mendoza, Argentina. He has also made several exchanges in Europe, with winegrowers from the Tuscany region of Brunello di Montalcino, from Bordeaux and Bergerac. On the other hand, Julian is in charge of marketing and commercialisation of wines.



Without playing down importance to the winemaking stage, the vital and professional experiences of Pepe Mendoza, acquired over the years, have left an important mark in the way viticulture is understood in Enrique Mendozagiving priority to the care of the field above everything else. This is why they carry out natural viticulture, without using herbicides or insecticides, combating pests with pheromones (sexual confusion) or fertilising the field with manure from their own cattle. This does not mean that they object to the use of modern techniques that allow them to improve the quality of the grape.

In finca Chaconero de Villena , inland of the area, we can find the red varieties, while in finca El Chaconero we can find the main vineyard and the production winery. Currently they work with two different approaches, organic and agro-technology, the philosophy of which is to not damage the field and take advantage of technology.

And although the secret of a good wine lies in the vineyard, Pepe Mendoza has equipped the winery with the best technology, allowing him to continuously experiment in the production of wines, and to use techniques as innovative as the "hot" fermentation or the oxygenation of the musts during the production itself. The winery also has an underground cellar with capacity for 500 barrels.


Enrique Mendoza Chardonnay is a young varietal wine from the vineyards located in Cabezo de la Virgen, Villena. The grape was macerated for 3 hours and then fermented at a very low temperature (13ºC). The wine remains in contact with its yeasts and lees until it is bottled. On the nose it has nuances of hay, nuts such as hazelnut, and ripe tropical fruits such as banana and pineapple, light and fine aromas of bread crust and bakery. In the mouth it is persistent, fatty, mature, and with a good balance.

Enrique Mendoza Chardonnay Fermentado en Barrica comes from the farm "El Chaconero", in the site called Cabezo de la Virgen, in Villena. The grapes macerated for 3 hours and then fermented at a low temperature (16ºC) in new barrels made of Allier French oak, remaining a few months on their lees and with their yeasts. It presents the aromas of the Chardonnay variety, with smoked hints from its fermentation in barrels. On the palate it is ample, and it has a good balance between acidity, alcoholic strength and barrel.

Enrique Mendoza Pinot Noir Crianza is a varietal 100% Pinot Noir from the vineyards located on the hillside of Cabezo de la Virgen, Villena. The grapes were smoothly destemmed to get the whole grain to ferment in small stainless steel deposits at 25ºC. Then they remained for 10 months in new and single-use Allier French oak barrels. It has a ripe fruit aroma, and red berries like blackcurrants and blueberries are intertwined with notes of great minerality, like red stones or graphite. It is a fine wine, soft and with a pleasant, juicy and zesty tannin.

Enrique Mendoza Monastrell Crianza is made with 50% of Merlot and 50% of Monastrell, from grapes selected from the farm El Chaconero, in the area called Cabezo de la Virgen, in Villena. The wine was fermented in small stainless steel deposits at 26ºC for 20 days, and the malolactic fermentation was performed in barrels. Then, the wine was aged for 13 months in Allier French oak and Oregon oak barrels. The aromas of undergrowth, like rosemary, lavender and thyme, join the aromas of red fruits and floral aromas, characteristic of the variety. In the mouth it is mature, calm, with a fine and elegant tannic load.

Enrique Mendoza Syrah Crianza is a single-variety wine made with grapes from the vines located in the farm El Chaconero. It goes through the malolactic fermentation in barrels, and then it remains for 13 months in new French oak barrels. On the nose it is mature, relaxed, calm, with great mineral nuances, like black stones, graphite and humus, that are intertwined with balsamic and spicy notes. In the mouth it is fine, dense, with an elegantly tannin, far from high concentrations and stridencies.

Enrique Mendoza Petit Verdot is a varietal from the farm El Chaconero. It ferments in stainless steel deposits for 24 days at 27ºC, and it goes through the malolactic process in stainless steel deposits. The wine has remained for 14 months in barrels (9 months in new Oregon American oak and 5 months in single-use Allier French oak). The aromas are reminiscent of forest fruits such as blackberries, blueberries and strawberries, intertwined with strong nuances of black stones, graphite, humus, as well as wet soil, undergrowth, roastings and smoke. In the mouth it is powerful, serious, meaty, with abundant tannins.

Enrique Mendoza Cabernet-Syrah Reserva is made with 30% Shiraz and 70% Cabernet Sauvignon from the farm El Chaconero, in Villena. It goes through the fermentation in stainless steel deposits at 27ºC, with native yeast from the vineyard. It is aged for 16 months in new and single-use French Allier oak barrels. On the nose it is very mineral, calm and peaceful, with aromas of graphite, black stones, humus and freshly tilled soil. Fresh, balsamic, with nuances of eucalyptus and menthol. In the mouth it is intense, with a mature, dense and meaty character, abundant granular and sweet tannins, maintaining a perfect balance between acidity, alcoholic strength, fruit and wood.

Enrique Mendoza Peñón de Ifach Reserva is made with 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 25% Petit Verdot. Each variety was harvested and processed separately, remaining 18 months in Allier French oak barrels and single-use Ohio American oak. On the nose it is ripe, with nuances of red forest fruits, intertwined with balsamic, toasted and smoky notes provided by the medium-roasted barrels. In the mouth it is serious, deep, long, and fresh, with an excellent tannic load.

Enrique Mendoza Santa Rosa Reserva is made with 70% Cabernet, 15% Merlot and 15% Shiraz, with grapes selected from the bunches with the smallest berry diameters. It is vatted with the whole grape berries and fermented with native yeast. The wine is fermented at 28ºC. Small and frequent daily pump-overs are carried out, and it has a post-fermentation maceration of 14 days. This wine was aged in the barrel room of the winery in Alfaz del Pi for 17 months in new Allier French oak barrels. On the nose it is very mineral, with nuances of graphite, humus, black stones and newly tilled earth, which are intertwined with spicy, balsamic and floral notes like violets. In the mouth it is very balanced, joining power and elegance with a firm tannic load, but without high concentrations nor aggressiveness.

Enrique Mendoza "Estrecho" Monastrell is a 100% Monastrell wine, made from a single farm located in the site "Estrecho de Pipa" in Villena, located at 700 metres above sea level, and with soil characteristics that make it unique. It is a traditional vineyard, with 1500 plants per hectare trained in vase-shape, and without any support irrigation. The fertiliser is organic sheep manure fermented by the winery. The wine was aged for 14 months in new 500-litre French oak barrels. It has aromas of abundant ripe fruits, elegant balsamics, undergrowth, humus, wet soil, as well as pine, rosemary, ripe red fruits and fig bread, accompanied by fine smoky and cedar notes provided by 500-litre Allier French oak barrels. In the mouth it is fine, with sweet and granular tannins, fresh and acid, very long and unctuous.

Enrique Mendoza "Moscatel de la Marina" is made from Moscatel grapes of the Alexandria variety, following the traditional method of must fortification with wine alcohol, but using the best technology to take advantage of the grape's maximum potential. On the nose it is rich, zesty, with notes of the variety, nuances of orange blossom honey, subtle notes of orange peel and fresh mandarin, with balsamic and freshly cut grass notes. In the mouth it is light, very unctuous, and with a high citric acidity that gives it nerve and liveliness.

Enrique Mendoza "Moscatel de Mendoza" is made from vines of Muscat of Alexandria, the most classic vine of the Mediterranean. These vines are cultivated traditionally on small terraces of clayey-calcareous soils, and trained in vase-shape with very low plant density, 1300 vines per hectare. The wine was aged for 10 months in new 500-litre Allier French oak barrels. On the nose, the orange blossom honey, orange jam, jasmine and toasted notes prevail. In the mouth, it is a wine with a good balance between sugar, acidity and alcoholic strength. It has a soft and elegant entry. It has the right sugar so that it does not seem sickly. In the aftertaste, the notes of vanilla and new wood appear once again.

Enrique Mendoza "Dolç de Mendoza" is a natural sweet wine that is only made in very special years, since they need especially healthy grapes that are able to withstand the overripeness while on the plant, until they are harvested in the first week of December. On the nose, the primary aromas of red berries, such as blackberries, blueberries and strawberries, with fine smoky notes and species such as cinnamon and cloves, are abundant. In the mouth, the high level of glycerine and the residual sugar caresses the palate, with soft tannins and sufficient acidity.

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