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El Sequé is the great winemaking business commitment of Artadi, which was soon rewarded with the recognition of their wines, both nationally and internationally. El Sequé is history, linked to the memory and the know-how of its people, oblivious to anything industrial and the mass, based on passion and respect for the vineyard. A business project based on the winegrowing richness of the region of Alicante, where from the beginning they chose to prove that wine made with Monastrell could also become a great wine.

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El Sequé 2019

A complex and profound Monastrell

Spain   D.O. Alicante (Valencia)

El Sequé 2019
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More about El Sequé

Artadi's obsession with cultivating and caring for the vineyard, led them to seek expressions capable of showing the personality of unique wines, a reflection of their origins.This conviction led them to continue their work in Navarre with their winery Artazu in 1996, and in 1999 in Alicante with Bodegas y Viñedos El Sequé. This project was born from the union of two great characters in the world of wine: Agapito Rico, owner of Bodegas Carchelo, in Jumilla, and Juan Carlos López de la Calle, responsible of Bodegas y Viñedos Artadi, in Rioja Alavesa. For Artadi, the value of great wines is closely linked to the soil and its people. Here, climate and their own soil, a vineyard, a variety, the Monastrell, and an ancient tradition, all come together. Motivated by the desire to produce wines with historical content, and attracted by the Mediterranean climate, they acquired the property in 1999.



The winery, created by Juan Carlos de Lacalle and Agapito Rico, was born as a project for the production and ageing of wines, based on the native variety Monastrell grape. The winery's technical director is Jean François Gadeau, while Agapito Rico is the person in charge of viticulture, and Vicente Milla works as an oenologist. In addition, they the technical supervision of Juan Carlos de Lacalle. The winery is located in El Sequé, in El Pinoso, at an altitude of 650 metres. It has 40 hectares of vineyards with almost century-old vines of Monastrell (80%), and other younger ones of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo. The terroir, as a wine project, the passion for things well done, respect for historical heritage, love for nature, and the personalisation of their wines, are the reasons why in Bodegas y Viñedos El Sequé they every day to make a unique wine.

The winery, crated with an architectural combination that mixes modernity and rusticity, was renovated in 2006. It shows special interest for the dome-shaped cave, which has seven arches along its surface and houses the French oak barrels of the winery, most of them with a capacity of 500 litres.



The work philosophy of the winery is marked by the perfect understanding of the vineyard. Their motto is that wines are made in the vineyard, and its secrets rest and are carefully kept in the winery. For this reason, its 40 hectares of vineyards are planted on land a simple structure, with brown-limestone soils, very poor in clay and humus, making them perfect for the production of great wines with a characteristic Mediterranean flavour and character. In all of them they apply respectful viticulture through cultivation practices based on organic concepts, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and biodynamics, ensuring a perfect transmission between soil, grapes and wine.  Despite being dedicated to only one kind of variety, they try to preserve the rich genetic diversity of native grape varieties as a valuable wine heritage, and this way develop to the personality of their wines to the maximum extent. This respectful work in the vineyard is what lets Bodegas y Viñedos El Sequé show the exclusive plot identification of their vineyards.

And in the winery, everything starts surrounding each plot, with a strict selection of grapes, very long macerations, a lot of care, and a meticulous ageing in new French oak.

However, apart from a top-level oenological technology, they work with native yeasts, low sulphur dioxide content, no chemical treatments and work by gravity. In short, a unique way of being and acting in Alicante, in contrast with the high yields of many vineyards, the old processing systems, and oversized warehouses where quantity prevails over quality. At Bodegas y Viñedos El Sequé they understand the production of good wine under the concepts of transformation, evolution and entropy as life processes. Native yeasts, low sulphur dioxide content, lack of chemical treatments, work by gravity and respect for evolution, are practices that are performed with the wine and that favour the wealth of a complex viticulture, full of nuances.



We are now presenting you with wines from El Sequé, you can find at Decántalo, as always.

El Sequé is a single-variety wine of Monastrell, from old vines cultivated at 600 metres of altitude, on sandy quaternary soils with a clayey subsoil. It is vinified in open stainless steel deposits, with a cold maceration for 24-48 hours and fermentation for 10-12 days, with two daily stompings and a small pump-over. This wine goes through malolactic fermentation in barrels and is aged for 12 months in 500-litre French oak barrels. A wine where the seduction of the sweetness of the ripe fruit, the velvet of the saturated tannins and the balsamic freshness of the Mediterranean nature, are assembled with great power and seriousness.

El Sequé Dulce is the fruity expression of very ripe grapes, with saturated tannins and a balsamic Mediterranean freshness, assembled with power and rotundity. Sweet, tannic and fruit sensations, all in great balance.

Monastrell By El Sequé is made with 90% Monastrell and 10% Syrah. It is vinified in open deposit, with a cold maceration for 48 hours and fermentation for 10-12 days, with two daily stompings and a small pump-over. It rests for 4 months in 500-litre vats. The seasoned, ripe fruit, the volatility of the Mediterranean forest, and the enveloping freshness of the aromatic plants, are the characteristics of this wine.