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Dehesa de los Canónigos is one of the great historical farms of Ribera del Duero. It is an exemplary winery that reflects the passion of five generations, dedicated to the production of quality wines. Each one of their wines has a story to tell, because they are the expression of each one of the farm’s plots. Their wines are silky, complex and elegant, but they also have a great ageing potential, with the ability to resist the passage of time.

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Dehesa de los Canónigos 2017

Fruit and wood in perfect balance

Spain   D.O. Ribera del Duero (Castilla y León)

Dehesa de los Canónigos 2017
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More about Dehesa de los Canónigos

The winery’s name refers to the name of the first owner, the Chapter of the Cathedral of Valladolid (Cabildo de la Catedral de Valladolid), comprised of 22 canon monks. It all began in the middle of the 19th century, when it changed hands with the confiscation of Mendizábal. The Basque businessman, Toribio de Lecanda y Campo, founder of the mythical winery Vega Sicilia, bought the farm in 1842. After losing his wife, in 1859 he transferred it to his son, Teodisio Lecanda Chavez, a renowned architect who built his house in the image of a Basque country house to honour his land. Today, this house is kept as a family home. In fact, it was the first farm to plant vines during the repopulation of the Duero after the phylloxera in the 18th century. They replanted with vines from the Napa Valley, in California, used as a pattern and grafted with vines that Toribio Lecanda brought from France. After passing through many hands, it was in 1931 when it fell into the hands of the Cid family, brothers Arturo and Ildefonso, married with Amalia García and Rosario Alonso, respectively. These brothers were the owners of the Dehesa de los Canónigos until the 60s, when they sold the farm. It was then when the grandchildren, Luis Sanz Busto and María Luz Cid, decided to recover the family property. Luis had to leave his medical studies, but he laid the foundations of what Dehesa de los Canónigos currently represents. At the beginning, Luis Sanz Busto sold the grapes to the neighbouring Vega Sicilia, and he started to plant more vines. Then, in 1989, he decided to launch the first vintage of Dehesa de los Canónigos on the market.


History of the winery

Dehesa de los Canónigos was founded in 1988. It is located in the Duero Valley, half way between Valbuena and Pesquera de Duero, inside the so-called Golden Mile of Ribera, on the road from Renedo to Pesquera, province of Valladolid. The winery is inside a farm with a surface area of 500 hectares, of which 60 corresponding to vineyards. The vineyards are located on the skirts of a hillside facing North-South, at 800 metres above sea level, with the influence of the Mediterranean-continental climate. This constitutes a privileged site for the proper development and ripening of the grapes. The heterogeneous composition of the soils and the different ages of the vines, allow them to divide the farm in sub-plots, all of them with a calcareous composition. This gives the wines from Dehesa de los Canónigos finesse, elegance and ageing potential. All the plots have a high plantation density, and they yield less than 3,500kg/ha, on average. They carry out a short pruning process to allow the regeneration of each plant. The harvest is performed manually in boxes of no more than 12 kg to ensure the integrity of the fruit when it arrives at the winery’s selection table. All of this allows them to extract the maximum essence of each vine and ensure the high quality of the harvests of Dehesa de los Canónigos. The prevailing variety is the Tempranillo, a clone of Tinta Fina. All the vines are grafted with wood from older plants. They also have other minority varieties, like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and the white variety Albillo, which has a high glyceric content and provides their Solideo wine with its uniqueness.

Belén e Iván Sanz Cid, two of the four children of Luis and María Luz, are now at the forefront of the winery. Since they were young, they knew they wanted to continue with the family project. Since 1998, Belén is in charge of the Technical Direction and Oenology, after finishing her studies at the University of Valencia and Bordeaux. However, she never ceases to praise her mentors who have helped her so much, Mariano García and Antonio Sanz. As for Iván, he is in charge of the winery’s General Management. He is trained as an agricultural engineer and business manager. His stay in the United States led the wines from Dehesa de los Canónigos to be known in over 20 countries around the world.


Work philosophy

The family’s motto is “vines before vats”. Undoubtedly, the care of the vines is one of the priorities of those who are in charge of the winery. Therefore, the harvest is performed at the optimal ripening point of each one of the plots. The grapes are transported in small 20-kg boxes to ensure the quality of the fruit. And since the plots are located near the winery, the bunches arrive at the selection table in the best condition. Each one of the plots is harvested and vinified separately to achieve the maximum expression of the singularities of each one. The must goes through the fermentation with natural yeasts from the vineyard itself, at a controlled temperature. After the alcoholic fermentation, the wines are aged mainly in American oak barrels, of first- and second-use. Therefore, they work with different cooperages in order to add more complexity to their wines.


Wines from Dehesa de los Canónigos

Below you will find the list of wines from Dehesa de los Canónigos. Don’t miss out on them!

Dehesa de los canónigos "Solideo" is made with 85% Tempranillo, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Albillo from their own vineyards. The Tempranillo is over 80 years old, cultivated on gravelly soil and pruned in vase-shape. This wine is aged for 24 months in first- and second-use American oak barrels, plus 4 months in new French oak. On the nose, it is refined and with a remarkable intensity, with marked notes of black fruit, liquorice and a delicate chocolate coverage. In the mouth, it is elegant and harmonious, with fine tannins accompanied by their aromatic distinction, leading to a persistent finish with all the sensations that make it stay in the mind. Solideo is a wine that was recovered with the winery’s 25th anniversary celebration, in 2014. Its name means “Only before God”. This name is also used to refer to a silk skullcap that the Pope, some bishops and clergy members wear on their heads. A reference to the ecclesiastical origins of the winery.

Dehesa de los Canónigos Gran Reserva is made with a careful selection of the best grapes from the vineyard they have owned for over 80 years, planted on gravelly soils. This plot offers a good sun exposure and allows an excellent ripening of the grapes. This is a unique wine with a unique presentation, made only in the best vintages. Like Solideo, Gran Reserva de Dehesa de los Canónigos is made with 85% Tempranillo, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Albillo. It is aged for 30 months in American oak and 6 months in French oak.

Dehesa de los Canónigos Selección Especial is made with 88% Tempranillo and 12% Cabernet Sauvignon from the plot "La Sagra Vieja", with vines that are over 60 years old, planted by Arturo Cid, the grandfather of the current owners. It is aged for 18 months in American oak barrels and it is only presented in magnum format (1.5 l) so that its refining in the bottle enhances its great potential of aromas and tastes. The label that you can see on the bottles of this wine is a unique illustration created by the hyperrealist artist Luis Pérez, known for his works that show a unique vision of New York, which he has exhibited in prestigious galleries around the world.

Dehesa de los Canónigos Crianza is the winery’s flagship wine. It is made with Tempranillo (88%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (12%) from a careful selection of their own vineyards. This wine is aged for 15 months in first- and second-use American oak barrels with medium roasting. A complete, expressive wine, with an ample aromatic range. This wine is the reflection of the history, of the vineyard of Dehesa de los Canónigos and of the respect for the wine in the winery during its production.

Dehesa de los Canónigos “Quinta Generación” comes from a single 20-year-old Tempranillo vineyard, “El Caserío”, which results in a modern wine with a wide fruity range. It is the youngest wine of the winery, with a subtle stay in American oak for four months. Quinta Generación was born in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the winery, and in honour of the fifth generation (hence its name) of a family dedicated to wine. It is aimed at a younger consumer who is just starting in the culture of wine, demanding fresh flavours and aromas. A young wine with a great soul, full of expression on the nose, and liveliness in the mouth.