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Wine from winery Clos Pons

Discover the best wines produced by the Clos Pons winery

Construction of this winery marked the end of a project that the Pons family had begun in 2005. The construction of this space was fuelled by the company's belief in tradition and respect for the earth. Starting from the concepts of order, symmetry, land and the construction of rock and wood characteristic of the Les Garrigues area, this project revolves around interaction and adaptation to the environment.

More about Clos Pons

The vineyard, which is rectangular and located on the upper part of a mountain, has great sun exposure, and overlooks the majestic Les Garrigues and Catalan Pyrenees. The winery is located on a hill with a beautiful view of the entire vineyard. It is designed in the tradition of a French "chateau" or American "estate," and the integrated production process means that all production is carried out on site, from grape to wine. Technology and traditional methods are perfectly joined in this facility, which is designed to bring out the best qualities of the wine while maintaining the properties of the terroir. The rock and wood finishes present in the new building demonstrate its harmonious integration with the surrounding environment.

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