Vodka Moskovskaya

70 cl.

Vodka Moskovskaya 70cl

Vodka (70 cl.).

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Flavours of sweet bread, mint and some aniseed. Spicy finish.


A clean aroma, with hints of peppermint oil and white pepper.
Vodka (70 cl.).
Alcohol: 38.00%
Distillery: Moskovskaya
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Vodka Moskovskaya
Vodka (70 cl.).
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Characteristics Vodka Moskovskaya

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Moskovskaya maintains a minimalist approach to vodka. Established in Moscow in 1938, their philosophy is based on the doing the simple things well, to ensure that every bottle of Moskovskaya vodka has the same exceptional quality.

The process begins with selecting the grain to give Moskovskaya vodka its depth of character, a flavour of sweet bread and a spicy finish. Once mixed with purified water, the fermentation of the grain begins and continues at a steady pace for three days. The distillation then takes place, which involves passing the liquid through states of immense pressure and heat to remove the volatile impurities. Moskovskaya is distilled three times to result in a strong and pure spirit. It is carefully balanced with water from artesian wells by a three-stage filtration. It starts with quartz sand and continues with activated carbon before the final filtration through quartz sand to obtain this pure, traditionally Russian vodka.

For three quarters of a century Moskovskaya has defended the best traditions of quality, resulting in vodka in its truest form.

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Alcohol: 38.00%
Distillery: Moskovskaya