Vodka Smirnoff

70 cl.

Vodka Smirnoff 70cl

Vodka (70 cl.).

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A sharp flavour and a fresh finish.


A light fragrance. Fresh at retro-olfaction.
Vodka (70 cl.).
Alcohol: 40.00%
Distillery: Smirnoff
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Vodka Smirnoff
Vodka (70 cl.).
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Smirnoff Vodka is produced in the distillery of the same name, founded by Piotr Arsenieyevich Smirnov in 1864. When he died, one of his sons, Vladmir Smirnov took control of the reins of the distillery and brought it great prestige. Unfortunately they lost the original factory to the Russian Tsar, so they decided to set up in countries such as Turkey, Poland, France and the United States. The distillery was renamed Smirnoff instead of Smirnov, the real family name. Smirnoff vodka is now the most sold vodka in the world.

Diageo is now in charge of the Smirnoff brand and its commercialization. Its production process has not changed much and it is now made from different grain products. Diageo also uses charcoal, which not only contains birch, but also other hardwoods. The latest innovations and improvements over time in its production technology, the regulations that control the production of alcohol in different countries, and the availability of raw materials in different parts of the world have led to changes in technology in the production of Smirnoff Vodka.

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Alcohol: 40.00%
Distillery: Smirnoff