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Peternell Hijo de Puszta

A tasty Austrian rosé that will grab you by the scruff of the neck
75 cl.
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Alcohol 11.00%
Production area Weinland
Designation Burgenland
Varieties Pinot Gris, Saint Laurent
Service 9.0
Volume 75 cl.
Style Peternell Hijo de Puszta
White meats, Charcuterie, Smoked foods, Seafood, White fish

About Peternell Hijo de Puszta

Peternell Hijo de Puszta is a rosé made by the Kollektiv Peternell winery in Burgerland, specifically in Neusiedlersee, using Pinot Gris and Saint Laurent varieties.

Both grapes grow in this region in the north of the country, where since 2019 this winery, run by Paul Schuster, Dave Ferris and Simon Ecker, has been making its wines. And what wines they are! This project started in 2018 when Massimo Marchiri, the current owner of the Catalan winery Partida Creus, encouraged Paul to make his own wines.

This story, which began in Catalonia, is still being written today from Austria, thanks to the help of the local winegrowers from whom Kollektiv Peternell buys the grapes. In principle they don’t have their own vineyards, but this trio is very clear about what they want: grapes from old vineyards cultivated biodynamically that will later be worked in the winery with the utmost respect and the minimum possible intervention. In part, this philosophy allows the area’s soil, which is sandy, with a mixture of calcareous and gravelly elements, to be reflected in every bottle. The grapes ripen perfectly, thanks to the dry, hot summers and Lake Neusiedl, which acts as a temperature regulator when it gets colder.

In the winery, Peternell Hijo de Puszta is made by keeping the clusters whole, macerating both varieties and respecting the purity of the fruit as much as possible (without adding sulphites). Fermentations, which mostly happen in stainless steel tanks, are carried out spontaneously by the native yeasts found on the grape skins. Finally, Peternell Son of Puszta is bottled and released for sale, leaving all wine lovers with a wonderful taste in their mouths that leaves a lasting impression. Most of them are left wanting more... What about you? Fancy trying it?

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