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Meinklang Graupert Zweigelt

A wild and spicy wine made with the native Zweigelt variety
75 cl.
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Alcohol 13.00%
Production area Burgenland
Designation Burgenland
Winery Meinklang
Varieties 100% Zweigelt
Service 16.0
Volume 75 cl.
Estilo Meinklang Graupert Zweigelt
White meats, Charcuterie, Red meat

Sobre Meinklang Graupert Zweigelt

The most widely planted red variety in Austria is undoubtedly the Zweigelt, a grape born from a cross between the native Austrian grapes Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent. It was invented by an agricultural engineer, Dr. Friederich Zweigelt. And that is where the name comes from. Comparing it with other grapes, its closest equivalent would be a Pinot Noir from Burgundy (France), a Barbera from Piedmont (Italy) or a Mencía from Bierzo (Spain). However, it is important to remember that everyone has their own way of doing things and at Meinklang, one of the largest family-owned biodynamic wineries in Central Europe (specifically in Burgenland, Austria), they have their own methods.

Based on the fact that the word “graupert” means “wild” in the Burgenland dialect, Meinklang Graupert Zweigelt is a red wine that comes from a Zweigelt vineyard that has grown unpruned, completely wild and free. After more than a decade growing wild, the vines produce clusters with much smaller berries, but with greater colour, extract, aroma and complexity. They are cultivated using only biodynamic agriculture with official Demeter certification and harvesting is carried out by hand at the optimum point of ripeness. In the winery, the skins of these Zweigelt grapes are kept for 4 weeks during vinification and no yeast or other additional products are added. The only sulphites are naturally occurring sulphites.

Meinklang Graupert Zweigelt is therefore a unique creature. A red wine that is born free among herds of cows and that gives you chance to enjoy a Zweigelt in its wildest and spiciest form.


Meinklang Graupert Zweigelt 2015 is a smooth red wine with aromas of ripe red fruits mixed with spicy notes and underlined with herbal and floral hints. The palate is juicy, firm and refreshing. A lively wine with very marked acidity and youthful tannins.


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