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La Maison Romane Côtes de Nuits Village

A natural, ethereal and elegant Pinot Noir from Oronce de Beler
75 cl.
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Alcohol 12.50%
Production area Burgundy
Varieties 100% Pinot Noir
Service 16.0
Volume 75 cl.
Style La Maison Romane Côtes de Nuits Village
Red meat, White meats, Charcuterie

About La Maison Romane Côtes de Nuits Village

La Maison Romane Côtes de Nuits Village is a single-variety Pinot Noir red wine produced by La Maison Romane in the AOC Côte de Nuits-Village / Côte-d'Or in Burgundy, France.

La Maison Romane Côtes de Nuits Village wine is made from grapes from plots of vines with an average age of 40 years old, growing in clay and limestone soils. The vines are harvested manually and the vines are worked according to the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture.


The clusters are vinified whole and alcoholic fermentation takes place with native yeasts in oak barrels for three weeks. The resulting wine goes through a 12-month aging process in oak barrels and is bottled without refining or filtering.


La Maison Romane (The Roman House) is a 13th century house sitting within the winery’s grounds. It is one of the oldest in this city where Oronce de Beler decided to settle.


Oronce de Beler is a winemaker who worked for a prestigious French wine publication but then wanted to make his own wine, so he moved to Côte de Nuits to set up La Maison Romane. For de Beler, wine is a collaboration between nature and people. He is a négociant who does not have his own vineyards but maintains a close relationship with the winegrowers he works with, ensuring that the raw material he uses to make wine comes from plots worked in an environmentally friendly way and following the principles of biodynamic agriculture. All of this work results in ethereal and elegant wines.



La Maison Romane Côtes de Nuits Village 2019 is a red wine that exudes aromatic vigor. It presents a complex and intense bouquet. On the palate, it is refreshing and mineral-driven, with a smooth texture that stimulates the salivary glands.

2018 La Maison Romane Côtes de Nuits Village 2018 is an eloquent wine that, on the nose, exudes floral bouquets intermingled with abundant fruity notes. Upon tasting, it graces the palate with forthright and delightful sensations, reaffirming its fruit-laden character. An ethereal, refined, and scrumptious red wine.

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