González Byass Alfonso Oloroso Seco

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González Byass Alfonso Oloroso Seco

Oloroso (75 cl.). 8 years in solera.
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González Byass Alfonso Oloroso Seco is a tasty, structured and persistent wine. An "oloroso" with an amazing range of aromas that go from the typical toastings to notes of truffle, vegetation, and the vanilla of the American oak.

Oloroso (75 cl.). 8 years in solera.
Alcohol: 18.00%
Winery: González Byass
Production area: Spain Andalusia
Contains sulphites
Tipo de Uva: 100% Palomino
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González Byass Alfonso Oloroso Seco
Oloroso (75 cl.). 8 years in solera.
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González Byass Alfonso Oloroso Seco is a generous wine produced by Bodega González Byass in Jerez de la Frontera, D.O.Jerez.

The origins of Bodega González Byass date back to 1835, when a young Manuel María González Ángel, born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, arrived in Jerez at the beginning of the 19th century, determined to find his place in the thriving and booming business of Sherry. He gathered some of his savings and with the help of his uncle José Ángel de la Peña, Tío Pepe, in 1835 he bought a small winery and he started to produce and export his own wines.

After a successful start, in 1855 he decided to partner with Robert Blake Byass, his agent in England. This was when the company González Byass was born.

González Byass has around 900 hectares of vineyards in the area of ​​Jerez, cultivating varieties like Palomino Fino, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel.

Currently, theGonzález Byass group is committed to the production of quality wines and liqueurs, also in other regions such as La Rioja, Somontano, Rías Baixas, Castilla y Catalonia.

González Byass Alfonso Oloroso Seco is a wine made from Palomino Fino from their own vineyards.

As soon as the grapes arrive at the winery, they are softly pressed to obtain the free-run must (mosto yema), which will be used to make this wine. After fermentation, classification and fortification at 18% vol., the wine enters the "solera", where it will remain for an average of eight years in American oak butts, following the traditional "solera" system. The wine ages in full contact with the air, which allows its complete oxidation.


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Alcohol: 18.00%
Production area: Spain Andalusia
Type of grape: Palomino
Winery: González Byass
Tipo de Uva: 100% Palomino
Contains sulphites
This important company from Andalusia, owned by the González family, from Jeréz, has always been linked to the world of alcoholic beverages since 1835, and is one of the most prestigious and well-known sherry wineries in the world. Their almost 180 years of experience support their good work and deep knowledge in this sector. Wisdom, combined with an open minded approach, allows them to strengthen the current business, harvest after harvest, and to project a sustained growth in order to remain competitive in the difficult and changing current market.
Sherry and wines from Jerez are probably Spain’s biggest contribution to the world of wine. Unique and special, there is nothing else like them in the world. A great diversity of Sherry wine is produced in DO Jerez-Sherry-Manzanilla de Sanlúcar, everything from sweet wines to fortified wines. Sweet wines are divided between Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel, depending on the variety used during production. Concerning fortified wines, there is a large range including Finos, Amontillado, Manzanilla, Oloroso, Medium, Cream and Palo Cortado, classified depending on the result of the ageing process under the ´velo flor´. A unique trait of these wines is the ageing process using the Solera Method, a system using various barrels from different vintages. The system uses stacked barrels, where a portion of a barrel’s contents is extracted and mixed with the lower barrel, with the barrel then filled with the contents of the upper barrel. Thus, the new wine is gradually coming to be thanks to the age of the rest of the content of screeds.
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