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Francesco Marra Negroamaro Rosé

Pure Mediterranean nature
75 cl.
92 Decántalo
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Alcohol 14.00%
Production area Puglia
Designation IGT Salento
Varieties 100% Negroamaro
Service 12.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Rosé wine Aged in clay Natural and Organic. 10 meses en depósito de arcilla.

Style Francesco Marra Negroamaro Rosé

About Francesco Marra Negroamaro Rosé

Grapevine moth control is a major challenge in viticulture. One of the most effective and environmentally friendly techniques is sexual confusion. This is a pest control strategy based on the use of synthetic sex pheromones to interfere with the moths’ mating process. Male moths seek out females by releasing and following the pheromones the latter emit to attract them. Sexual confusion involves the release of a large amount of synthetic sex pheromones in the vineyard to saturate the area and make it difficult for males to find the actual females. Undoubtedly, this is a more environmentally friendly option that preserves the quality of the wine by avoiding the excessive use of chemical pesticides. At Azienda Francesco Marra, a winery lying between Casarano and Ugento, in the extreme south of Salento (Puglia) and run by Francesco Marra and his wife Maurizia, they make use of respectful techniques like this one to protect the vineyard from any harmful external agents. On their 70-hectare estate with vineyards, olive trees and grains, they are committed to organic farming and the most natural production processes in order to create the purest expression of the place.

With a free spirit and minimal intervention, their portfolio includes this Francesco Marra Negroamaro Rosé, a rosé wine made with the region’s native variety, Negroamaro, planted on red clay and ferrous soil. The grapes are organically grown in the dry and hot Mediterranean climate and are harvested by hand when they reach optimum ripeness. Once in the winery, the grapes are selected and crushed, then macerated and fermented for about 20 days in capase, an old terracotta tank typical of the area with a capacity of 250 litres. The wine then remains in this capase for 10 months before being bottled.

Unclarified, unfiltered and without added sulphites, Francesco Marra Negroamaro Rosé is a rosé wine that is pure nature. A faithful reflection of the Mediterranean climate of southern Italy, free from anything synthetic or artificial that could damage the final result.



Francesco Marra Negroamaro Rosé 2021 is a fruity rosé wine with intense aromas of red fruit accompanied by spicy notes and hints of toast. The palate is smooth, sweet and pleasant. A medium-bodied wine with vibrant acidity, marked tannins and a long, fruity finish.

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