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The best way to give wine as a gift

The best way to give wine as a gift is to dress it up with an elegant gift box.
Choose between our three options of one, two or three bottles, to add a special touch to your gift. Add the bottles you want to create your unique gift.

The cases are made of hard black cardboard, with the bottle inside and protected with shavings.
If you want, you can add a greeting card for an extra personalised touch.
Make your gift unique!

Gift set of three bottles

Three bottles. What more could a wine lover want? Red, white and rosé? Three reds? It’s up to you.

Gift set of two bottles

A pair. White and red maybe? A red and a sparkling wine? You’ll know which is best.

Gift set of one bottle

The simplicity of a single bottle. Give the gift of a great red or a great white.

How do you select a gift box?
You can choose the box you want from the shopping cart.
First select your wine, add it to the basket, and then, from within the shopping basket itself choose your gift box using the option “Do you want to see gift options?"


Now you know, if you want to give wine as a gift, you can turn it into something special with one of our boxes.
You can’t go wrong!

The cases are designed for standard 75cl. wine bottles, get in touch  for special bottles.