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Wines of Greece, delicacies of Olympus


Considered one of the oldest wine-growing regions in the world, Greek wines have always been a benchmark for modern winemakers. This country has a long experience in vine cultivation and wine production, and with the influence of the Mediterranean Sea and poor soils rich in limestone and volcanic subsoil, the quality of these wines has become well-known all around the world.

Islas griegas

3 of the most divine Greek wines

Gerovassiliou Avaton

Gerovassiliou Avaton

This red wine is a Greek gem that comes from the heart of Macedonia, in Epanomi, and is made with three native varieties: Mavroudi, Mavrotragano and Limnio, the latter of which is the oldest known Greek grape. This is an authentic red wine with character that opens the door to the great variety of wines made with Greek varieties.

Vassaltis Assyrtiko

Vassaltis Assyrtiko

Made in Santorini, one of the islands that has seen the most volcanic eruptions, this is a white wine made by Yannis Valambous, a winegrower who, with the utmost respect, is working to recover the archipelago’s winemaking tradition. Made with the native Assyrtiko variety, a grape grown on volcanic rock with a high basalt content, this is undoubtedly an explosive white wine with a mineral character.

Thymiopoulos Rosé de Xinomavro

Thymiopoulos Rosé de Xinomavro

Greece also makes rosé wines and this Thymiopoulos Rosé from Xinomavro is proof of that. A wine made with the native Xinomavro variety in the Macedonia region using ecological and biodynamic methods, which results in delicious fruit aromas, a well-defined structure and a wonderful electrifying acidity. A rosé made by Dionysus himself.

Now that we have brought you up to date on Greek wines, you’re probably keen to try them. And who are we to stop you? Visit Decántalo and enjoy wines blessed by the gods of Olympus themselves. Cheers!

Image by Matthew Waring.

Original on Unsplash @matthewwaring

The post Wines of Greece, delicacies of Olympus first appeared on the Decántalo Wine Blog.

The post Wines of Greece, delicacies of Olympus appeared first on Decantalo Wine Blog.

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