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Wine from Jerez and Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Yes, just as you read it. We invite you to take a delicious trip, even from the privacy of your own home, to discover why the Sherry wines and the Manzanilla of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, these small but interesting regions in southern Spain, captivate everyone who tastes them.

Manzanillas, Finos, Olorosos, Amontillados, semi-sweet and sweet wines... a wide range of possibilities which can be served with a meal from starter to desserts. Wines with peculiarities that have turned them into oenological gems worldwide. Fasten your seatbelt and let the journey begin!

5 wines for discovering Jerez and Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Manzanilla Argüeso San León Reserva de la Familia

Let's start with a Manzanilla, the undisputed queen of the sea. Manzanilla Argüeso San León Reserva de la Familia is a generous wine of biological aging (under the veil of flor) whose saline and iodized hints are ideal to serve with fish and seafood dishes. In addition, due to their low acidity, Finos and Manzanillas are the perfect accompaniments to salads, dressings and cold soups seasoned with vinegar. Manzanilla Argüeso San León Reserva de la Familia is, without a doubt, one of the most precious treasures of Sanlúcar.

Valdespino Fino Inocente

Made by the Valdespino winery, Fino Inocente, fortified wine aged under veil of flor, it’s fresh, persistent and highly valued by international critics. The combination of fino wine served with Iberian ham is a star pairing. Both share saline notes and the flavor of the Fino wine enhances the nuances of the ham. In short, Valdespino Fino Inocente is a safe bet, and it can even be served with dishes such as asparagus and artichokes which aren’t usually easy to harmonize.

If you’re a lover of sushi or sashimi dishes, in Fino and Manzanilla you’ve got the best allies to go with them. They’re always served very cool, between 6ºC and 8ºC. Try them! You’ll discover flavors you’ve never tried before.

La Bota De Amontillado 95

Amontillado is a very special wine as it arises from the combination of aging under a veil of flor (biological aging) and oxidative aging (in barrels). The Bota De Amontillado 95 is an even more exceptional case, if possible, since it originated as a Manzanilla that over time has achieved an extraordinary evolution. Its complexity made it a suitable wine for barrel aging where it spent seven more years, giving rise to an exquisite Amontillado which hardly lost any freshness.

Amontillados are gastronomic wines which go very well with countless dishes. Try them with vegetables like asparagus or artichokes and experiment with tuna, mushroom risotto or curry. You’ll see what a great experience for all your senses.

Williams Colección De Añadas Oloroso En Rama 2001

The Oloroso is a sherry wine which isn’t grown under a flower veil. Its oxidative aging (in barrels) allows it to gain in complexity over time, making it ideal to serve with dishes with character comparable to its structure and power. Williams Colección De Añadas Oloroso En Rama 2001 is an extremely subtle wine which doesn’t go through the traditional aging of soleras and criaderas, that is, it comes from a single vintage must which gave rise to a wine that ages for 18 years in barrels of American oak. Pure expression of elegance and minerality!

Oloroso should be served between 12 and 14 ºC and harmonizes wonderfully with dishes made with gelatinous meats such as oxtail. It’s also ideal for serving with game meats and stews. Try an oloroso wine with grilled tuna or cured cheeses. You’re in for a surprise!

El Maestro Sierra Cream

The Cream is a semi-sweet wine made from the mixture of an Oloroso wine with part sweet wine of the Pedro Ximénez variety. It’s also known as Sweet Oloroso.

El Maestro Sierra Cream is made with a 15-year-old Oloroso and a 5-year-old Pedro Ximénez wine that come together to go through an aging of four more years which result in an elegant and seductive wine which meets the expectations of the most demanding palates.
It’s a wine that should be served cold, between 10 and 12 ºC.

Its balanced sweetness offers delicious and surprising possibilities. It’s ideal to serve with desserts but its versatility allows it to pair successfully with soft cheeses and nuts. Try it with foie gras, it will be a feast for all your senses!

Our journey ends here for today. However, with this map we’ve drawn for you, we offer you the possibility to create your own routes. Luckily the wonderful world of Sherry wines is ample and delicious. Dare to venture into it, even from the comfort of home. Cheers!


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