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New year, new wines! Recommended wines for January.

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The new year has begun, and brought a thousand and one resolutions with it. To keep up with tradition, every month we want to tell you about new wines or new vintages that we think you really must try. Some of them are limited production wines and will fly off the shelves. So if you get chance to try them, make sure you don’t miss out.

Recommended wines for January

5 new wines to start the year well

André Beaufort Polisy Brut Reserve

One of the leading viticulturists in biodynamic agriculture, André Beaufort presents his new sparkling wine made from the vineyards he cultivates in Polisy, Aube. A sulphite-free brut reserva champagne, made with the utmost respect and minimal intervention. A very fruity discovery that is full of minerality.

Chamonard Morgon 2018

The new vintage of Chamonard Morgon will give you the authentic Beaujolais experience. Made by one of the leading wineries in the region located on Morgon hill, this is an organic red made with Gamay, the quintessential variety. This wine stands out for its complexity, maturity and great natural beauty.

Juan Gil Etiqueta Azul 2018

A historic winery in Jumilla (Murcia), Juan Gil knows better that anyone how to position a little-known Denomination of Origin in the international spotlight. This coupage of Monastrell, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon is proof of this. A mature and concentrated wine that is perfect for those looking for a complete red.

Cueva Orange 2019

Orange wines are always a welcome novelty. So you won’t be able to resist this Cueva Orange. Created by Mariano Taberner, a viticulturist who is committed to ancient Valencian viticulture, this wine has an oxidative, intense and fresh style that wins people over with its elegant and delicious final bitterness.

Muster Gräfin 2018

Sepp & Maria Muster are a winemaking couple who are known in the industry as pioneers of biodynamic agriculture. Located in Styria, a federal state of Austria that shares a border with Slovenia, they are great masters in orange wine productionAn exuberant and refreshing wine that is born between the earth and the sky, as its creators say.

So, there are our five new wines for the first month of the year. We hope you like them, but if that doesn’t seem like many, or you would prefer something different, don’t worry, Decántalo has a whole world of wines available. See for yourself!

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