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Latest wine news for a month of warmth weather

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Here we are in July, the seventh month of the year when some lucky people go on holiday while others try to keep working in the heat. The forecast predicts a warmer July than we’re used to, so it’s important for us all to be cautious and do what we can to protect ourselves in the heat. Wearing sun cream or staying sheltered, drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding big meals are good ways to manage in this weather. Lunches and dinners at this time of year should be light, refreshing and fun. And what better companion for these kinds of meals than wines that are perfect for the summer. If you’re a bit lost in the world of fresh wines, here are our recommendations for this July. New wines or new vintages that will give you the perfect excuse to toast.

5 super fresh wines for the month of July

Las Uvas de la Ira Vino del Pueblo

Just because it's red doesn't mean it's not for summer. Because of its lightness, freshness and fruitiness, Garnacha from Madrid triumphs wherever it goes and with this one made by Daniel Gómez Jiménez Landi, a former member of Comando G, success is guaranteed.
Made in the D.O. Méntrida, this is a minimal intervention wine where the old vines planted on slate soils show their best side. A wine like those of yesteryear that is easy to drink and great for any occasion.

Rapitalà Piano Maltese

From disasters come opportunities, and no one is more familiar with this than Hugues Bernard Count and Gigi Guarrasi, a Sicilian couple who, after an earthquake in the Belize Valley in 1968, took advantage of the situation to build a modern winery. All of their efforts have resulted in Rapitalà Piano Maltese, a refreshing young white wine made from the Chardonnay and Catarratto varieties with all the fragrance and Mediterranean character of the IGT Terre Siciliane. The perfect excuse for sitting on the terrace watching the sunset.

La Poulosa

In recent times the D.O. Bierzo has become fashionable for its fresh and smooth wines. One of the people responsible for this reputation is, without doubt, Raúl Pérez. Together with his nephew César Márquez, they produce a marvelous collection of wines as a tribute to their origins. One of their wines is Poulosa, a red wine made with the Mencía, Bastardo and Garnacha Tintorera varieties that although very light, reveals the full personality and character of a unique place. Pleasure is guaranteed!

Nicolas Joly Les Vieux Clos

Nicolas Joly, considered the father of biodynamic viticulture in Europe, says that wine is the music of a particular place. Thanks to his minimal intervention and maximum respect work, he produces pure expressions of the terroir. His great letter of introduction is the Nicolas Joly Les Vieux Clos wine, made with the variety he is best with, the Chenin, at the edge of the Loire River (AOC Savennières). An honest, clean and energetic wine that, although not heavy, leaves a memorable aftertaste.

Frank Cornelissen Susucaru Rosé

Finally, Frank Cornelissen, the intrepid winemaker who is revolutionising Terre Siciliane, presents us with a vibrant rosé that has all the characteristics of a star wine for your summer feasts. Made with the Nerello Mascalese, Malvasía, Moscatel and Incrocio Manzoni varieties through minimal intervention, this wine has the complexity of the volcanic soils of Mount Etna and the full freshness and vitality of the Mediterranean. Don't let it pass you by!

So, those are our recommendations for the month of July. This month might be hot, but it certainly comes with some good times that are worth celebrating. And as the saying goes “every cloud has a silver lining.” Make the most of it!

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