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Get to know Tim Atkin, Master of Wine and one of the world’s great wine experts

24/01/2023 Interviews

Master of Wine, journalist, photographer, critic and judge, Tim Atkin is one of the best known people on the international wine scene. Through the consistency of his reports, for capturing the [...]

Interview with Xavier Gramona, vice-president and co-owner of Gramona

14/12/2022 Interviews

If there is one thing oozing from Xavier, it is calm and serenity. A true gentleman whose expertise have been developed over the course of a successful career. He knows the 65 hectares of [...]

Discovering Benjamín Romeo, founder and winemaker at Bodega Contador

07/09/2022 Interviews

Not just anyone can boast 100 Parker points (the highest score from the American Robert Parker). Much less in two consecutive vintages. However, Benjamin Romeo doesn’t brag about it. Although h [...]

Getting to know Sergio Martínez, the world’s best fortified winemaker

10/08/2022 Interviews

The last year of his Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry led him to an internship at Lustau. He quickly knew he wanted to stay there. Under the guidance of Manuel Lozano, one of the great figures of [...]

Getting to know José María Vicente, the winemaker who won Parker over

13/07/2022 Interviews

“The family is where it started. The land is the guide. Wine is my destiny.” A declaration of intent from José María Vicente, a self-taught winemaker who has become the producer of the first Span [...]

Interview with Toni de la Rosa, co-owner and director of Torelló Viticultors

22/06/2022 Interviews

A fabulous host, Toni de la Rosa i Torelló knows how to combine work with pleasure better than anyone. This was our experience when he welcomed us into the wonderful estate that has been owned [...]

Getting to know Garikoitz Rios, Technical Director of Bodegas Itsasmendi

01/06/2022 Interviews

With a nonconformist and fighting spirit, Garikoitz Rios, Gari for short, has txakoli in his DNA. Having spent a lifetime dedicated to producing quality wines in Biscay, he has contributed to [...]

Getting to know Javier Pagés, President of the Barcelona Wine Week

01/04/2022 Breaking news , Interviews

Javier Pagés isn’t afraid of a challenge. A seasoned sportsman, he has climbed Mont Blanc and goes wild swimming. His whole life has been connected to the world of wine. He was attracted to this [...]

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