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Interview with Antonio Garcia Figuero from the winery García Figuero

05/10/2011 Wineries

We had the opportunity of meeting Antonio Garcia Figuero, from the winery García Figuero . He explained us his winemaking family tradition and the work that is being conducted at his winery regarding both the production and vineyards. Do not miss his interesting point of view!

1.    Can you please explain the origins of the winery? How did everything start?
The Garcia Figuero family has been always related to the world of wine and vineyards. Our grandparents and our grandparents’ grandparents already had their own vineyards in the village of La Horra. This is a village in which life is not understood without vines, grapes and wine.

Up to 2001, our family’s grapes were transformed into the most famous in the region Ribera del Duero wines.

In 2001, the project called Tinto Figuero was started. Then, the most modern and careful techniques were implemented for the elaboration of wines and a young team was engaged, with previous experience and with lots of hopes.

Our father, José María, had a very clear working philosophy which we have adopted: “Now, all the know-how on the culture of vines that we have inherited and conserved from our ancestors has to be applied to our new project: the winery and the elaboration of our own wines.”

2.    Which is your flagship wine? What are you working at now and what future projects do you have?
Tinto Figuero produces 6 different wines, all of which are made of the variety Tempranillo. We produce a wine for each moment and each of them is an outstanding wine within its category.

Tinto Figuero 4 stands out for its freshness and liveliness; Tinto Figuero 12, for its complexity and its good value for money; Tinto Figuero 15, for its purity; Tinto Figuero Viñas Viejas, for its elegance; Figuero Noble, for its wideness and the complexity of aromas and flavours; and Tinto Figuero 15… a friend categorically defined it as “the truth”.

For the future, we are now working in the search of the excellence in the wines we produce, from the vines to the winemaking process and the ageing. Figuero is progressively becoming a reference brand among high quality wines.

3.    In your winemaking procedures, which are your winery’s differentiating elements with regard to others?
The highest difference lies in our vineyards, the personality of Tempranillo grape from the 60-year-old vines planted in the region of Ribera del Duero and the conservation of these assets. To keep them, our wines go through a winemaking by gravity, our barrels are changed every year and our staff fusses over our wines day after day.

4.    Wine culture is in constant evolution. What should a winery do to adapt to these changes and to stay alive in the market?
For us, winemaking has been the way to earn our lives for lots of years and we think that wines, and therefore the vines, must have their own personality within such an atomized world, which is the world of wine. We had always believed in natural agriculture and have worked on our fields with a medium-long term approach. This is to say that we have always thought with a view of the future more than concentrating on each of the harvests.

5.    What do you think of the situation of the Spanish wine culture in the international market? What is the position of the Spanish market?
From my point of view, Spain is one of the world countries with better conditions for the growth of vines and has many different regions where good and different wines are produced. We have a wide range of wines to enjoy.

The wine market in Spain is dominated by Spanish wines. There are some wine regions whose products reach the national market, such as Ribera del Duero, but other that are mainly devoted to local markets.6.    And in the case of your winery, do you bet for the international market? Is it easier than struggling for the national market at the moment?
We sell our wine in Catalonia and all over the world. However we are committed to exports and we do not sell that much in Spain.

Define yourself. 5 quick questions that will help us know you better:

1.    What do you prefer: red, white, rosé wine, cava or champagne?

Red wine.
2.   Which is your favourite designation of origin?
Ribera del Duero/Priorat
3.    What is your favourite grape variety?
I prefer indigenous grape varieties and varietal wines.
4.   A young or an aged wine?
Round aged wines
5.   An oenologist whose wines are a must.
Jean François Hébrard

And to end up, just three wine or cava recommendations, under 10 euro, under 30 euro and under 50 euro.

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