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Celebrating International Riesling Day


There are more than 300 grape varieties in the world that can be used for winemaking, but some are much more famous than others. Some varieties have such a following that experts have chosen a day to honour them and make them even better known. One of these is the Riesling variety, which is native to the Rhine region in Germany, and is popular throughout the world mainly for its transparency and aromas. 


The date chosen for International Riesling Day is 13th March. This day in 1435 was when this variety and its wines were first mentioned in writing, and its biggest fans wanted to turn this into a celebration. As the most important and most common variety in Germany and a leading variety in white wines of the Old World, this date is a very good excuse to discover little gems made with the famous golden grape of the Rhine. 

5 Riesling wines to impress

1- Battenfeld Spanier Riesling Trocken

Although the Rheinhessen region is one of the largest and most traditional German wine regions, in recent years new generations have given it a new, innovative and quality-oriented image. Battenfeld Spanier Riesling Trocken is an example of this, a single-variety Riesling dry white wine that combines pleasant aromas of ripe fruit and herbs with a fresh and impressive minerality.

2- Ekam

Named Ekam, which means divine unity in the Sanskrit language, this wine is the result of the work of prestigious winemaker Raül Bobet at the Castell d'Encús winery. This Riesling is made in the Catalan Pyrenees at an altitude of 850 to 1000 metres above sea level and it showcases the fruity, mineral and persistent character of the Riesling variety. 

3- Alzinger Riesling Loibenberg Smaragd

Made near the sinuous curves of the Danube River as it passes through the Wachau area of Lower Austria, there are many the winemakers who are doing a beautiful job of revealing the delicacy and complexity of this exceptional wine-growing area. Alzinger Riesling Loibenberg Smaragd is proof of this. A fresh, elegant and very aromatic single-variety wine. 

4- Sybille Kuntz Organic Orange

Working with organic and biodynamic principles, winegrower Sybille Kuntz transformed the family winery in the German denomination of VDP Mosel-Saar-Ruwer (Moselle) to produce complex, fresh and modern wines. A risky and innovative challenge that has resulted in wines like this Sybille Kuntz Organic Orange. A citrusy orange wine that is enveloping with an outstanding bitter finish. 

5- Trimbach Riesling Frédéric Emile 

Finally, we have an elaborate Riesling from the AOC Alsace, made by one of the area’s leading wineries, Trimbach. This is a family winery where they age their wines in the bottle rather than in wood so that they are sold at their best for opening straight away. This Trimbach Riesling Frédéric Emile is a powerful Riesling with good acidity and a beautiful mineral touch. 

These five wines are just a small sample of the huge selection of wines made with one of today’s leading varieties. If you want to see our full selection, visit our online shop and browse all of our wines made with the Riesling variety. 

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