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April, Malbec month

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April is the month of Malbec, the variety of French origin which has given Argentine wines identity and recognition.

World Malbec Day is celebrated on April 17 in commemoration of the date when Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, president of Argentina in 1853, decided to transform the wine industry in this country. This transformation included the selection of new varietal wines to implant in Argentine territory. One of those vines chosen was Malbec, a grape that grows in Cahors, France, where it’s also known as côt.

Michel A. Pouget, a French agronomist, brought the Malbec variety to Argentina, which adapted so well to its new home that nowadays it’s the most widely planted grape in the country. Argentina grows 75% of all Malbec in the world. This is why it’s become a symbol of identity for the wines of this country.

Malbec wines are fruity, with silky and enveloping tannins, a pleasant mid palate and bringing hints of fruits such as plums, raspberries and cherries.  Thanks to their aging, they acquire hints of coffee, wood and delicious chocolate.

If all these reasons aren’t enough, we recommend three Malbec wines from different origins that will make an impression on you.

Why not give them a try?

3 Malbec wines that will surprise you

1. Fabien Jouves Les Escures

Fabien Jouves is a young artisan-winegrower who works under the principles of biodynamics and who is a master of natural and fruit-filled elaborations in Cahors, France, the home of the Malbec variety Fabien Jouves cares for with great care. Fabien Jouves Les Escures comes from vineyards located on the highest slopes of Cahors. The bunches ferment and age for six months in cement tanks and barrels, resulting in a natural Malbec wine full of juicy, elegant and tasty fruit. A Cahors essential!

2. Atamisque Malbec

We travel to the Uco Valley in Argentina to discover Atamisque Malbec, a Bordeaux-style wine which offers us all the character of 80-year-old vines that grow at 1000 meters above sea level. Without a doubt, a great monovarietal Malbec in all aspects. A concentrated, fresh and elegant red wine, the flagship wine of the Tierras Atamisque winery where we can see why the Malbec grape is queen in this Andean country.

3. Estación Yumbel Malbec

Mauricio González and his wife Daniela Tapia are the architects of this small great project, Estación Yumbel in the Bío Bío Valley in Chile, where Mauricio masterfully leads centuries-old vineyards and makes wine the old way: fermenting grapes in wine presses of raulí wood, but with native yeasts and little or no added sulphur.

At Estación Yumbel they grafted country variety vines with Malbec vines which, thanks to the care of Mauricio and Daniela and the characteristics of Yumbel's volcanic soils, obtain a single variety Malbec that’s considered to be one of the best in Chile. Do you need more reasons to try it?

The Malbec variety works very well with other grapes and produces very elegant blends. At Decántalo we offer you a selection of Malbec wines so you can continue learning and enjoying this interesting variety, the most Argentinean French and the most international variety there is.

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