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Don't miss our articles on the world of wine. Wineries, production types, wine regions, pairings, interviews with the top professionals in the winemaking world and all the latest wine news.
Articles about wine

Wine futures, the most sought-after

23/05/2024 Winemaking

Buying and selling wines en primeur, or at an early stage, is a system that offers wine lovers the opportunity to acquire great brands before they are bottled and sold. By which we mean, while a [...]

Long live vermouth! Now more popular than ever!

15/05/2024 Breaking news

Posted 8 September, 2020 by Silvia Arellano Vermouth o’clock is always a good time, a relaxed time of day for sharing, socialising and enjoying a few snacks in good company. Vermouth, a peculiar [...]

Rioja: Revitalized Tradition, Unyielding Passion

10/05/2024 Production area

For over two millennia, Rioja has been the birthplace of a wine culture steeped in tradition and a passion for viticulture. In Northern Spain, where history weaves through the landscape and [...]

Raíces Ibéricas : An Exploration of Spain's Indigenous Grape Varieties

08/05/2024 Production area , Wineries

Envision a sprawling tapestry of vineyards stretching across Spain, where over 70 indigenous grape varieties intertwine within more than 60 wine-producing regions. This is the vibrant canvas [...]

#PonmeOtroRioja, diverse as ever, the usual nevermore

03/05/2024 Winemaking

During celebrations, moments of relaxation, in good company... You've likely found yourself saying, “I'll have another, please”, requesting another glass of the same delightful wine you've been e [...]

Unveiling María Vargas, Technical Director of Marqués de Murrieta

24/04/2024 Interviews

Passion, rigor, and plenty of patience. For Maria Vargas, the most important thing is to listen to the wine and give it the necessary time to show its potential. And she proves it in each of her [...]

Enhancing Your Olfactory Skills for Wine Tasting

17/04/2024 Wine service

The sense of smell is an incredibly powerful faculty, with the ability to evoke memories and emotions in the blink of an eye. A single scent has the power to transport us to bygone moments, [...]

Exploring the Enthralling Realm of Orange Wines

03/04/2024 Winemaking

Orange wines are currently the talk of the town, and deservedly so. These unique wines represent an exhilarating return to the roots of winemaking, challenging conventional norms with their [...]

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