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12 Lunas Rosado

Vibrancy and Crisp Rosé Hue
75 cl.
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Alcohol 14.00%
Production area Aragón
Designation D.O. Somontano
Contains sulphites
Varieties 100% Syrah
Service 8.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Rosé wine Young.

Style 12 Lunas Rosado
Rice dishes, Aperitif, Pasta, Seafood

About 12 Lunas Rosado

12 Lunas Rosado is a rosé wine produced by the winery El Grillo y la Luna in Barbastro, D.O. Somontano.


El Grillo y la Luna is a family project that was born in Barbastro in 2007, with the aim of producing wines with soul, wines that are unique.

They have 5 different vineyard areas, which have several types of soils. These go from calcareous soils, alluvial soils with gravel or loam soils, located between 300 and 400 metres of altitude.

They work with a total of 48 hectares of their own vineyards. Their motto is that wine is created in the vine. Therefore, wines only hit the market when they are at their best, with maximum respect for the singularity of the vintage.

They produce two lines of wine: 12 Lunas, a line of fresh, fruit-laden wines, and El Grillo, a line of more complex wines, with a greater reflection of the terroir.


12 Lunas Rosado is a wine prepared with the saignée of the Syrah that is used in single-vineyard wines. Each one comes from a different vineyard, and each one is prepared individually. They are manually harvested and placed in 12kg boxes. Once they are crushed and macerated with their skins for 24 hours, they undergo the saignée process in a stainless steel deposit, where fermentation continues for a month at 15ºC. Once the fermentation has concluded, it is racked to separate the gross lees. Now, the ageing begins for 4 months with its fine lees. Before being bottled, it is statically clarified.


12 Lunas Rosado is an intense, lingering, fruity wine. It retains a small amount of CO2to give it freshness.


12 Lunas Rosado 2022 captivates with its youthful exuberance and delicate hue. Olfactorily, it unfurls a spectrum of scents reminiscent of ripe red fruits such as cherries and wild cherries, interwoven with a subtle hint of confectionery sweetness. Upon tasting, it is light-bodied and fruit-forward, preserving a crispness that beckons one to indulge in sip after sip. The finish is unexpectedly prolonged, imparting a lasting impression of vivacity and fruitiness.

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