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5 vodkas you should try at least once in your life

15/03/2023 Spirits

Vodka is a spirit with a strong presence in culture, art, gastronomy and nightlife. Thanks to its great versatility, this drink has managed to revolutionise bars because of how many different [...]

How do you make rum?

08/03/2023 Spirits

From the Caribbean to the Reunion Islands, from Cuba to the Philippines, from the French West Indies to Spain, made all over the world, rum has become a universal drink. It’s a classic but s [...]

Vodka, the history of the most versatile spirit in the world

26/01/2023 Spirits

For countless numbers of people, vodka was their introduction into the exciting world of spirits. Democratic and versatile, few have resisted the charms of a simple combination of vodka and [...]

Tequila and mezcal, an elegant heart and a rogue spirit

12/10/2022 Spirits

For years tequila has been considered a rough drink with a strong intoxicating power, the worst price to pay as a consequence of having too much. And if tequila has been underrated, then that [...]

Yamazaki, Japan's most ancient whiskey distillery

05/10/2022 Spirits

Shinjiro Torii is considered the father of Japanese whisky. In 1923, he founded the Yamazaki distillery, which is considered the oldest in Japan. Torii, a true lover of Scotch whisky, had the [...]

What’s the best whisky?

10/06/2021 Spirits

Scottish? American? Japanese? Irish? Indian?... With or without "e"; whisky or whiskey... Regardless of where it comes from or how it’s written, what’s clear is that whisky is the king of cer [...]

Gin: A fascinating and unexpected history!

14/04/2015 Spirits

The earliest written confirmation of gin production was in Holland during the 17th century. Originally regarded as a medicine, gin could be found in pharmacists and was widely used to alleviate [...]

The History of Scotch Whisky

12/02/2015 Spirits

The exact origins of the first “wee dram” of Scotch whisky have unfortunately been lost over the years, however, there are records of the ancient Celts referring to a potent amber liquid as “ui [...]

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