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5 rosé wines with an unusual charm

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Pablo Neruda once said, “I want to do with you what spring does with cherry trees”, and rosé wines are a bit like that: they appear during the spring to fill us with optimism with their striking different tones that remind us of flowering fruit trees in all their glory. An explosion of beauty and harmony for the senses!

Rosé wines have finally moved beyond their status as the wines of the “non-connoisseurs”. They were even once thought of as wine for women. But rosé wines are more than that. We have finally left our prejudices behind to enjoy one of the most versatile and gastronomic styles that the world winemaking scene has to offer.

We have given ourselves the task of finding you 5 unconventional rosé wines that you are sure to enjoy and also be surprised by.

So, it’s time to update your collection and experiment with new rosé styles. Fancy giving them a try?

5 tasty rosé wines that break the rules

1. Fréderic Cossard Super Pink

France is the country we have to thank for the air of glamour rosé wines now have, turning them into a symbol of elegance and refinement and even giving them their beautiful and much imitated pale pink colour. In this case, we can thank Frédéric Cossard, the oenology guru who makes natural wines in the Rhône, for creating Super Pink, an organic, vegan and natural rosé wine made with the Cinsault variety at its most fresh and vivacious. It also has a striking label and a beautiful colour that is totally Insta-worthy. This is a wine for the good weather.

2. Thymiopoulos Rosé De Xinomavro

No one knows as much about beauty and pleasure as the Greeks and Thymiopoulos Rosé De Xinomavro seems to be straight from the imagination of Dionysus himself. This rosé wine is made by Apostolos Thymiopoulos, in Macedonia, Greece, with the native Xinomavro red variety, which brings a pure Mediterranean essence in a subtle, fruit-filled rosé with touches of spice on the palate accompanied by a tasty minerality and a saline touch that will transport you straight to a beautiful beach. This is, without doubt, a great, unmissable Greek wine.

3. Les Prunes

Continuing our journey through the Mediterranean to Valencia, we find Celler del Roure, a small family winery that never ceases to amaze us. The Les Prunes rosé wine is made with the recovered native Mandó variety that is given full prominence. This might be the only wine in the world made with this variety, which is vinified like a white wine, fermented with native yeasts and aged in vats. The result? A juicy and very Mediterranean rosé wine that gives a lot for very little.

4. Fonterenza Rosa

Making a rosé wine in the land of reds may seem sacrilege, especially in Tuscany, but twin sisters Margherita and Francesca Padovani have turned this into a work of art and sensitivity. They have managed to transform the acidity and meatiness of “the blood of Jupiter”, which is what the famous Sangiovese red variety’s name means, into a fresh, crisp and flavoursome rosé. A true “summer Sangiovese” that pays homage to the Tuscan winemaking tradition and is also a natural wine. You won’t want to miss out, surely?

5. Sicus Cartoixà Marí

Cartoixà is one of the names of the Xarel·lo Vermell (red Xarel·lo) variety, a mutation of the white Xarel·lo Vermell grape, which has a thicker skin and is slightly coloured, which gives its wines a nice shade of pink. This strain is rare and grows sparingly in Catalonia.

Sicus Cartoixà Marí gives us the chance to taste a single variety Xarel·lo Vermell made by Eduard Pié, a young and daring winegrower whose wines certainly catch people’s attention. They bear the stamp of authenticity and are nourished by the landscape and a respect for the land and its varieties. Sicus Cartoixà Marí is a rosé wine with the spirit of a white. It is citric, complex, long, fresh and elegant. A little gem that is perfect for serving in the summer.

Rosé wines are good all year round, but the spring and summer is when they really shine. These are versatile and refreshing wines, with new styles and production methods, that have taken a modern turn and continue to surprise us. Let rosé wines do to you what spring does to cherry trees.

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