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  • Top 10 sparkling wines

    05/01/2021 Breaking news

    Although there is a general tendency to associate sparkling wines with celebration, the truth is that more and more consumers are enjoying these wines on different occasions. Their freshness, [...]

  • Top 10 rosé wines

    05/01/2021 Breaking news

    We have long since left behind the idea that rosé wines are inferior. Rosé is becoming more and more popular and wine lovers now know much more about how, when and where to enjoy these wines. Th [...]

  • Top 10 white wines

    18/12/2020 Breaking news

    Fresh, light, fruity, aged, dry, unctuous… this is how our wine-lovers describe their favourite wines. Here are the top 10 most popular white wines of 2020. Find out if your favourites have made [...]

  • Top 10 red wines

    16/12/2020 Breaking news

    Another year is about to end and, as usual, it’s time to remember and think about things you’ve done and special moments. At Decántalo, we want to stay optimistic and bring you the best, so toda [...]

  • Getting to know Estefanía Rodero, Head of Business Development at Pago de los Ca

    14/12/2020 Interview

    A new generation of the Rodero family has joined the family winery and hit the ground running. Estefanía’s surnames are synonymous with a passion for wine. Her parents, Paco Rodero and Conchita V [...]

  • Wines and truffles, a luxurious combination!

    11/12/2020 Pairings

    Here we are in December, a month of the best celebrations. December is a time to build relationships, in person or remotely, and also to treat ourselves, a time to pamper body and soul and of [...]

  • Christmas and wines, winning pairings

    09/12/2020 Pairings

    Christmas is just around the corner, a time for celebration and gathering around the best food and drink to say goodbye to this year and welcome in the new one in style and full of hope. [...]

  • Wines, cavas, champagnes and other Christmas gift ideas

    02/12/2020 Special moments

    Why put off until tomorrow what you can get done today? With Christmas just around the corner, the thought of shopping can get more and more stressful as the days pass by. If you are thinking [...]

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