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Pazo de Señorans is a winery from the D.O. Rias Baixas, one of the most prestigious wineries regarding the production of white wines made with Albariño grapes. They carry out a great job during the aging on lees in stainless steel deposits, a technique in which they pioneered in Spain, thus obtaining excellent wines with a great aging potential.

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More about Pazo de Señorans

History of the winery

The history of the Pazo de Señorans winery began in 1979, when Marisol Bueno and her husband Javier Mareque bought a beautiful country hoyse. A Galician manor from the 16th century in Vilanoviña (Pontevedra) in the area of Valle del Salnés, an area with a great tradition in the vine-growing of Albariño.
In order to ensure viability to the project, the couple decided to plant grapes and kiwi and in 1989 they recovered an old winery which was in the manor in order to start producing Albariño wines. Galicia, and especially Rias Baixas, is a region with a long tradition of consumption, which is not hard to find small wineries in houses that they make their own wine.
During the first vintages of Pazo de Señorans, they produced about 7,000 bottles, an amount which was gradually increasing until the restored old winery became too small and they built a new winery on the estate that today allows them to produce 400,000 bottles annually. Marisol Bueno has always been a lover of her land, her region, and the Albariño variety, what made her hold the post of president of the D.O. Rías Baixas for 20 years.

Philosophy of work

Pazo de Señorans currently owns 17 hectares of vineyards besides working with 180 vine growers from the area who have been working and controlling the time of the grape harvest, as well as the boxes used and in many cases in charge of the grape harvest for years.
The grapes are distributed in small plots near the Atlantic Ocean, with different soils and exposures, thus obtaining wines that perfectly reflect the characteristics of the area. The soils are mostly sandy (xabre in Galician), from the decomposition of granite and a large drainage capacity. Poor, sandy and acid soils, which together with the Atlantic climate, with mild temperatures and heavy rainfall, give specific aromatic characteristics and freshness to the grapes.
The Pazo de Señorans vineyard is a traditional vineyard from Rias Baixas, a planted following the trellis system, raised off the ground in order to separate the grapes from the moisture and with a large leaf surface area exposed to the sun.
The winery has modern facilities equipped with stainless steel deposits, pneumatic presses, temperature control, etc. Pazo de Señorans stood out as a pioneer in Spain regarding the aging inside stainless steel deposits. Due to their hard work in the ageing on lees, Pazo de Señorans has managed to produce great wines with a great body, structure and complexity. Wines with a large ageing potential which make this winery be one of the reference wineries, not only in the production of albariño wines in the D.O. Rias Baixas, but also in the production of white wines with a great international prestige.

Pazo de Señorans wines

Pazo de Señorans winery produces three Albariño wines, three wines made from the great work in the aging on lees, with great aging potential.
Pazo Señorans, the little one from the house is aged on its lees for 5 months in stainless steel deposits. A great albariño wine to enter into the Señorans universe. Pazo Señorans Colección is a great albariño wine aged on its lees for 5 months in stainless steel deposits and in bottle for 30 months. Pazo de Señorans Selección de Añada is a wonderful albariño wine. One of the best albariño wines in Spain. It goes through a long period of 30-month aging on its lees and 12 months in the bottle.
Situation of Pazo de Señorans