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Poggio Bbaranèllo RM

The meekest and most defined expression of the Roscetto
75 cl.
75 cl.
91 Decántalo
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Alcohol 13.50%
Production area Lazio
Designation IGT Lazio
Varieties 100% Roscetto
Service 12.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Orange wine Skin Contact Natural, Organic and Vegan.

Style Poggio Bbaranèllo RM
Less aromatic
Very aromatic
Seafood, White meats, Risottos

About Poggio Bbaranèllo RM

“Winegrowers against the wind” is what the creators of Poggio Bbaranèllo call themselves, two intrepid young women, Silvia Pragliola and Lisa Gentili, who after meeting at a sommelier course decided to start a new life together, making natural wines and breaking away from the typical rules of the wine world. This is how Poggio Bbaranèllo was born, a winery located in northern Lazio, 436 metres above sea level, next to the municipality of Montefiascone (Italy).

If there was one wine that represented the company and the working philosophy of Poggio Bbaranèllo, it would undoubtedly be Poggio Bbaranèllo RM. Made with Roscetto, a grape variety native to the area that expresses itself very well in Lazio, this is a plant that initially seems wild and strong because it intertwines on itself. Most notably, it is very complicated to work with. As Silvia explains, ““This is a rebellious grape that is produced every two years. From it, we only get a couple of bunches per plant, which means you’re having to constantly work. But when you see the results it fills you a great feeling.”” The grapes are 100% organically grown and harvested by hand in 15 kg boxes. In the winery, minimal intervention winemaking is carried out using ancient methods. The grapes are macerated for a long time in whole clusters and 30% is left to macerate while fermenting with native yeasts and no temperature control. This helps to develop the complexity, intensity and depth. It then rests on its lees and is bottled unfiltered, unclarified and without adding sulphites.

The result is completely transparent. Poggio Bbaranèllo RM is an orange wine that comes from the vineyard where the Roscetto variety is kept under control but allowed to showcase its maximum expression. A complex wine that you will enjoy drinking for a long time.

2020 Poggio Bbaranèllo RM 2020 is a defined orange wine with a complex nose of dried fruits, apricot and peach, but also herbaceous notes of marjoram and thyme. The palate reveals fresh, vibrant sensations and a lot of minerality. A wine with character, noticeable acidity and a very seductive saline finish.

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